They're region 2.  US & Canada is Region 1.  Asia is Region 3.  There are
six regions in all.  Does anyone know if the DVD players at are legal?  My brother thinks they aren't.  Are thre any
legal code free players cheaper than the $950 including shipping of their

Scott Andrew Hutchins
Cracks in the Fourth Wall Filmworks/Oz, Monsters, Kamillions, and More!
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"Who's John Adams?"  --Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., at Monticello,
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On Thu, 18 May 2000, Sandy Camargo wrote:

> I know that videotapes that are made in Europe are incompatible with
> our VCRs, but I was wondering whether European DVDs were OK. European
> CDs are just like ours, so does that mean that European DVDs will
> play on our machines?
> Thanks,
> Sandy Camargo
> Department of English
> University of Missouri
> Columbia MO 65211
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