Lang Thompson wrote:

> "GalaxyQuest" is in about a 1.85 aspect ratio for the first 20 or so
> minutes before changing to a full widescreen ratio.  Can anybody think of
> other films that also mixed ratios?  Not counting ones where it's motivated
> by something like a video monitor.

A pioneering work in this respect was the award-winning animated film, THE
LITTLE ISLAND (1958), made by Richard Williams.  It starts out in conventional
ratio but as the aspirations of the bellicose protagonists become more
grandiose, the screen suddenly expands to Cinemascope as the battle rages to
its destructive end ...

Of course, the early Cinerama films would begin in standard ratio until the
moment when the screen-masking widened and the grandeur of the ultra-wide
screen was displayed.

- Ken Mogg (author, the uncut UK edition of 'The Alfred Hitchcock Story' - I
disown the 'simplified' US version).

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