Darryl Wiggers replies:

> Eventually the term "letterbox" began to gain favor in the mid-90s, when
> more VHS titles were released in this format, but it still varied between
> "Widesreen" and "Letterbox" depending on the distributor. I haven't
> carefully studied the packaging of DVD releases but I still notice the term
> "Widescreen" kicking around. I guess my question is, do certain companies
> hold patents on these words, much like their "VistaVision" and
> "Cinemascope"?

I don't know about the last question (though I tend to doubt it), but
"widescreen" seems to be gaining favor again.  I notice that our local
Suncoast video outlet and some of the rental outlets use "widescreen"
as the preferred term.

Don Larsson

Donald Larsson
Minnesota State U, Mankato
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