I am looking for this film, which is Yugoslavian, and is a loose
adaptation of the BasCelik folktale, well known to Slavic peoples, but
virtually unknown here.  I have tried all sorts of search services, and
they all say it's too obscure for them to find it, or tell me it's
available from MGM, when I specifically tell them it is NOT Bert I.
Gordon's film starring Basil Rathbone.

                         Cudotvorni mac (1950)

                         Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

                         Plot Outline: Evil Bas-Celik is terrorizing
people, but only the magic sword can harm him. A young hero
                         goes on the dangerous quest to find that sword.

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                         Cast (in alphabetical order)
                         Milan Ajvaz
                         Vera Ilic-Djukic
                         Ljubisa Jovanovic
                         Marko Marinkovic (I)
                         Rade Markovic
                         Mihajlo-Bata Paskaljevic
                         Pavle Vujisic
                         Milivoje Zivanovic

                         Directed by
                         Vojislav Nanovic

                         Writing credits
                         Vojislav Nanovic

                         Original music by
                         Kresimir Baranovic

                         Cinematography by
                         Milenko Stojanovic

                         Film Editing by
                         Milanka Nanovic

                         Production Design by
                         Mladen Josic

                         Production Companies

                              Zvezda Film [yu]


                              Ellis Films Inc. (1952, USA)

                         Also Known As:
                         Magic Sword, The (1950)
                         Spada del giustiziere, La (1950) (Italy) [it]
                         Runtime: Yugoslavia:101
                         Country: Yugoslavia
                         Language: Serbian
                         Color: Black and White
                         Sound Mix: Mono

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