_Who's That Knocking at My Door_ credits Berthune and Keitel, but the rest
are deferred to the end.  _Tommy_ would be like this, since it credits
Stigwood, Russell, and The Who.


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"Who's John Adams?"  --Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., at Monticello,
after failing to recognize busts of other founding fathers.

On Tue, 9 May 2000, Donald Larsson wrote:

> Sharon Knolle requests:
> > I'm working on an article about film credits appearing at the end of the
> > movie.
> > Examples where this happens: All Star Wars films, Ronin, Titanic, The X-Files
> > movie, The Matrix, and also Gladiator.
> > I believe that the first film where this occurred was Star Wars but Lucasfilm
> > couldn't confirm this for me.
> > A colleague suggested Lucas would have needed a special dispensation to be
> > able to run the credits after the film: but from who?
> > the director's guild? actors guild? All help appreciated.
> > If you have other examples of films with end credits or know of any
> > documentation on this trend, please send them my way.
> > Thank you.
> The first relatively contemporary film that I'm aware of running
> credits at the end was APOCALYPSE NOW.  There were a number of comments
> about it at the time.
> I also seem to recall seeing an older film (in black & white?) not too
> long ago, where I was surprised to see the deferred credits--but my
> memory may be playing tricks on me . . . again.
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