David Ezell notes:

> Perhaps the most painful of all the musical moments is
> the Act One finale from THE KING AND I (where the gag
> is that Anna cannot have her head higher than the
> King).   The video camera pans to Anna, cuts to the
> King, back and forth.  Poor home viewers never get to
> see the visual joke as Yul Brenner slides slowly into
> a full split, and Anna struggles to keep up with him.

Another example of pan-and-scan loss is REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE.  See,
for example, the opening scene in the police station.  Ray uses both
wide-screen and depth of staging to link Dean, Wood, and Mineo before
any of them has spoken a word to the other.  The impact is totally lost
in the pan-and-scan version.  In a different way, the impact of the
spatial isolation and loneliness in 2001 is diluted considerably in
non-wide-screen editions.

Don Larsson

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