I'm hoping that list members can assist me with some bibliographical
pointers in the direction of materials relating to the "borrowing" of
cultural signifiers and ideas from subaltern communities by the dominant
culture.  My primary geopolitical framework is the US.

So far I can think of stuff relating to the beats in the 50s (Mailer's
"white Negro"); various appropriations of Native American iconography and
beliefs by miscellaneous movements, Kevin Costner, etc.; that essay on
Demme's "Something Wild" (where did that appear?); Quentin Tarantino; the
appropriation of hip-hop music and iconography by white teen culture; and
some theoretical positions on globalization and cultural interpenetration.

Can anyone recommend specific references?  And are there essays/books/etc.
that deal with the appropriation of Asian cultural materials?

Many thanks en avance.

Steve Fore
School of Creative Media
City University of Hong Kong

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