On 28 Apr 00 at 15:16, Neil Parks wrote:

>>> I suppose an alternative might be to create a cfg for one use, then
>>> rename it, then create a cfg for the other and rename that, and then use a
>>> batch to copy the desired cfg to PMAIL.CFG before running PMAIL.
>>Decided to try my own idea, and mirabile dictu, it seems to work.
Gee, I hate it when you make me get out the dictionary! ;)

>>I made 2 config files and named them PM1.CFG and PM2.CFG .  I need
>>separate "gateways", so I have PMGATE.1 and PMGATE.2 .  (You might not
>>need multiple gateways.)
>>Then I wrote the following batch PMU.BAT to run Pegasus with the
>>appropriate config:
>>  @echo off
>>  if %1!==1! goto ok
>>  if %1!==2! goto ok
>>  goto syntax
>>  :ok
>>  copy c:\pmail\pm%1.cfg    c:\pmail\pmail.cfg
>>  copy c:\pmail\pmgate.%1   c:\pmail\pmgate.sys
>>  goto setup%1
>>  :setup1
>>  set [log in to unmask]
>>  goto run
>>  :setup2
>>  set [log in to unmask]
>>  :run
>>  c:\pmail\pmail -a
>>  set PMUSER=
>>  copy c:\pmail\pmail.cfg    c:\pmail\pm%1.cfg
>>  copy c:\pmail\pmgate.sys   c:\pmail\pmgate.%1
>>  goto end
>>  :syntax
>>  echo.
>>  echo  Usage:  PMU 1  or PMU 2
>>  :end
>>As an alternative to parameters, you could use a util such as CHOICE.COM to
>>let you pick which config to run.

Thanks, Neal, I did just what you did, but since I have not worked
much with the batch file parameters, I decided to use and
here is how my working pmail.bat file looks like now:

@echo off
echo A for 1NationOnline Mail
echo B for FreeWWWeb Mail
echo C for Aristotle Mail
choice /c:abc Choose which mail service to use....
if errorlevel 3 goto Aristotle
if errorlevel 2 goto FreeWWWeb
if errorlevel 1 goto 1NationOnline

copy c:\internet\pegasus\pm1.cfg c:\internet\pegasus\pmail.cfg
copy c:\internet\pegasus\pmgate.ari c:\internet\pegasus\pmgate.sys
set [log in to unmask]
copy c:\internet\pegasus\pmail.cfg c:\internet\pegasus\pm1.cfg
copy c:\internet\pegasus\pmgate.sys c:\internet\pegasus\pmgate.ari
goto end

copy c:\internet\pegasus\pm2.cfg c:\internet\pegasus\pmail.cfg
copy c:\internet\pegasus\pmgate.fre c:\internet\pegasus\pmgate.sys
set [log in to unmask]
copy c:\internet\pegasus\pmail.cfg c:\internet\pegasus\pm2.cfg
copy c:\internet\pegasus\pmgate.sys c:\internet\pegasus\pmgate.fre
goto end

copy c:\internet\pegasus\pm3.cfg c:\internet\pegasus\pmail.cfg
copy c:\internet\pegasus\pmgate.nol c:\internet\pegasus\pmgate.sys
set [log in to unmask]
copy c:\internet\pegasus\pmail.cfg c:\internet\pegasus\pm3.cfg
copy c:\internet\pegasus\pmgate.sys c:\internet\pegasus\pmgate.nol
goto end


I also launch Pegasus from inside Arachne with an .ook batch file and
I used the appropriate subsections of this batch file for the
appropriate .ook file there and it seems to work fine that way also.
My thanks to you Neal as well as to the other PM-DOS listers who
responded to my question. Thanks to you all.

Dale Mentzer

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