A few more:

MISSISSIPPI MASALA, BHAJI ON THE BEACH--Indian communities in the U.S.
and Britain.

Med Hondo's SOLEIL O, Sembene's LA NOIRE DE . . . (BLACK GIRL), Karim
Dridi's BYE-BYE (about Tunisians in France)--all dealing with people
from former colonies living in France.

THE EMMIGRANTS and THE NEW LAND, about Swedes in America, or--much more
sentimentally--George Stevens' I REMEMBER MAMA, about Norwegians in San

Robert Aldrich's THE FRISCO KID is a comedy about Gene Wilder as a
rabbi in the West.

Alan Parker's COME SEE THE PARADISE and the recent SNOW FALLING ON
CEDARS dealing with Japanese-Americans and their World War II
internment, among others.

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