I would like to introduce you to the Renaissance City Film Festival (RCFF) in
Providence, RI, on July 28-August 4, 2000. We are online at
http://www.rcff.com. Please pass this information to filmmakers in your network
and encourage them to submit entries.

RCFF combines the best of the mainstream with the innovation of independent and
experimental film.  The result is an event that draws wide-ranging audiences
and has already attracted attention from the film industry.

Academy-Award nominated actress Julianne Moore ("Boogie Nights, "Jurassic
Park," "End of the Affair," "An Ideal Husband") will accept the Cinematic
Achievement Award. In addition, she sits on our honorary board of directors
with top-notch talent including the Farrelly Brothers, Spalding Gray, Julie
Moran of Entertainment Tonight, Concetta Tomei and Seth Peterson of NBC's
"Providence," among others.

I encourage you to visit our Web site at http://www.rcff.com to see our full
schedule, download our call-for-entries form, learn about Providence, RI, and
see the value of RCFF to the filmmaker.

John D. Harvey
RCFF Webmaster

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