?t get LINGUA FRANCA might want to
know that cinema studies has hit the big time . . . the new, march 2000
issue of this *review of academic life*  [a quite wonderful mag,, actually]
features a cover story on the ongoing 'dispute'  [is that the right
word?] between david bordwell and the lacanian-althusserian
theorists . . .  the banner headline announces DAVID BORDWELL

it just arrived in the mail and i haven?t had a chance to do more
than glance at it, but similar stories in LINGUA FRANCA in the
past have generally been both well informed and relatively fair . . .

probably well worth looking at . . .

in any case it?s kinda  heart warming to know that our area of
inquiry  has at long last achieved the notoriety than any self-respecting
discipline ought not be without

mike frank

PS . . . by the way, the story refers to "the columbia film  seminars,
a monthly gathering of cinema scholars" . . . does anybody know
anything about these??