> I am looking for suggestions, assistance and any form of direction on the
> pre-mentioned topics. I am soley interested in the dream sequences found in
> the works of Maya Deren and David Lynch - in particular the two films "Lost
> Highway" and "Meshes in the Afternoon". As opposed to the conventional
> Freudian direction I am searching for something alternative. I am interested
> in the semiotic deconstruction of dreams and the way they are constructed
> and employed in the narrative space of films.

I have been unable to locate and watch Meshes in the Afternoon of recent years,
though I feel that I saw it many years (decades) ago.  But someone last year
sent me a cryptic message (it was while I was writing my book) suggesting that
Deren's film had clearly influenced Hitchcock's Vertigo.

Would anyone - Louie Rayner or anyone else - be able to comment on this, please?

- Ken Mogg (author, 'The Alfred Hitchcock Story', the UK edition - n.b., I
disown the cut and 'simplified' US edition).

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