Scott Cole wonders:

> An elementary school teacher requested from me an explanation of  "author's
> craft." She is supposed to score student's papers from that perspective.
> "Author's craft" seems like an endless topic. I was hoping someone might
> have something definitive and succinct. So, does anyone have an explanation
> for "author's craft?"

*Real* authors might have better takes on this question, but I would
suppose that the rubric in question relates to issues of structure,
organization, "plotting," etc.

Of course, the pure subjectivity of possible responses to even that
definition underscores the problems of such open-ended criteria.
("Yes, Vladimir, you're very clever, but I don't think that readers
will understand that this "Pale Fire" of yours is really a novel in the
footnotes!  Let's work on building up suspense, shall we?")

Don Larsson

Donald Larsson
Minnesota State U, Mankato
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