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Call For Papers: Diverse Audiences, Changing Genres: The Evolving
Landscape of Film and Television in the Age of Specialized Audiences

Notions of "mass media" are becoming increasingly obsolete as the film
and television industry markets media to more specific groups.  The
cultural map of media is evolving as a result of and to accommodate
such changes as the increased choices in cable television, a growing
competition among media producers and outlets, the emergence of new
media technologies, and the proliferation of media texts created for
and produced by diverse groups outside of the mainstream.

The Velvet Light Trap is interested in receiving papers that
contemplate and reveal the new formations of audience and genre that
are occurring in popular film and television as a result of the
aforementioned changes. Papers are encouraged to engage this shift
from a variety of scholarly perspectives, including but not limited to
historical, industrial, textual, theoretical, and reception studies.

Paper topics may include, but are not limited to:

     New genres
     Independent Films
     Hybridity and media futures
     Teen culture
     New representations of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality
     Ratings industry
     Narrowcasting and niche marketing
     New Media
     Cable networks

Papers should be between 15 and 25 pages, double-spaced, in MLA style,
with a cover page including the writer's name and contact information.
  All submissions will be refereed by the journal's Editorial Advisory
Board.  For more information, contact Julie Taylor (512-471-4071,
[log in to unmask]).   Submissions are due March 10th, 2000.

Please address manuscripts to:
The Velvet Light Trap
Department of Radio-Television-Film
University of Texas at Austin
CMA 6.118
Austin, TX 78712

The Velvet Light Trap is an academic, peer-reviewed journal of film
and television studies.  The journal is published semi-annually in
March and September by the University of Texas Press.  Issues are
edited alternately by graduate students at the University of Texas at
Austin and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The Editorial
Advisory Board includes such notable scholars at Alexander Doty, Don
Crafton, Michael Curtin, Cynthia Fuchs, Herman Gray, Lynn Joyrich,
Barbara Klinger, Chon Noriega, and Lynn Spigel.

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