Let's not forget Alan Keyes jumping into MICHAEL MOORE's portable mosh
pit.  None of them knew who Michael Moore was or what a mosh pit is.

Scott Andrew Hutchins
Oz, Monsters, Kamillions, and More!

"Militaries are inherently the most corrupt organizations in the world,
simply because their mission is to kill people and break things."

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, David Ezell wrote:

> In defense of Scott, I don't think his comments were
> strictly designed to "defend Heston" as much as
> criticize Spike Lee--who, for whatever reason, seems
> to have been placed above reproach by some in our
> field.
> David Ezell--a little out of breath myself
> >> Charlton Heston...occasional actor, full time gun
> >>lobbyist
> >>
> >>and if he had said about Spike Lee what Spike Lee
> had >>said about him, we would never hear the end of
> it.
> >>
> >>Scott
> >Publicly defending Charlton Heston?   I thought I had
> >seen it all....
> >
> >I believe there is an important historical difference
> >between what the likes of Heston have been allowed to
> >say about the likes of Lee that warrants what Lee now
> >says about Heston.
> >
> >Gloria Monti., gasping
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