The Academic-Archival Interest Group of AMIA is organizing a panel of
scholars and archivists for the AMIA Conference in Los Angeles, November
2000.  "Interpreting the Moving Image Archive" will feature a roundtable of
presenters speaking about how film and television  archives are
reappropriated and redeployed in the public sphere. Each participant should
focus on the relationship between a specific archive of moving images, an
institutional setting in which they are assembled and deployed (such as a
museum/national film archive with a public theater, a private for-profit
archive with a theatrical or television market, a hospital as part of a
diagnosis, etc.), and various sites of their reappropriation.

If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague to be a presenter in
this forum, please contact Dan Streible or Peter Bloom.

Peter Bloom
507 N. Michigan Avenue
Pasadena, CA  91106
Tel. (626) 792-7182
Fax (626) 792-7203
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Dan Streible
Asst. Professor of Film Studies
Dept. of Art
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC  29208
(803) 777-9158
(803) 777-0535 fax
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