There are a number of companies that specialize in selling TV videos.
One good one is Shokus Video (
- they specialize in 1950s material.  Other companies are out on the
web - see
evision/Memorabilia/Videos/ for Yahoo!'s listing of the category.

Another good resource is - it has a list
of programs (fairly comprehensive throughout TV history), with
external links, often to sources to buy/trade shows.  If you don't
have money for buying, there's a whole cult of tape trading out on
the web - look through fan sites.

Also check out a book (how 20th century!) called _The Buyer's Guide
to Fifty Years of TV on Video_ by Sam Frank.  It provides details on
buying a large variety of shows - it's a bit quirky, but really

Good luck!

-Jason Mittell

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