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> Hi,
> at the end of the last year I installed Netware 5.0 (we had Netware
> 3.11 until that day) on our server:
> Now PMAILNDS gives me the error: "Unicode Table Initialisation
> Failure" and tells me that I have to put "SYS:PUBLIC/NLS" into my
> search-path, though I already did that!
> IMHO, the error message is slightly wrong. I think PMAILNDS doesn't
> find the right unicode table, whichever that might be.

Are you using the latest NDS modules?

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> Does anybody know, how PMAILNDS selects the current table, or what
> table(s) it takes by default, or how I can solve the problem in any
> other way?
> Many thanks in advance,
>         Andreas Kleimann
> PS: Sorry for my bad english.

Damned site better than my German.

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