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August 1997, Week 3


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jennifer taylor <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 06:57:54 PDT
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Violence response
Stephen Brophy wrote:
Since we re fighting anecdote-based universal censorship decisions with
more anecdotes, here s mine: My son and his friends used to watch 1-2
 slasher movies (they prefered the genre name slice-and-dice ) every
afternoon after school, when they weren t making up extremely violent
Dungeons & Dragons adventures. On of my son s friends is now teaching in
Namibia for the Peace Corps, and another is getting a masters degree in
philosophy. But the most horrible outcome is my son s - he has become a
Buddhist, and torments me every time I swat a mosquito! I wish I had
totally prohibited violent videos during his adolescence - I could now
kill as many bugs as I want to with impunity.
I believe anecdote - based examples are as perfect examples of the
direct effect violence on tv has on children as any. Studies have been
done with children watching two completely different types of shows. One
set of children would watch Sesame Street and the other would watch the
road runner and the coyote for about a half an hour. They were observed.
Studies showed that the ones that watched Sesame Street were a lot more
cooperative towards others and were not as rough with other children.
The ones that watch the other show were "rough housing" with each other
and were not as cooperative with others.
 Some one responded to me and said that I was being universal with my
attitude and response I was referring to SOME children not ALL children.
Everyone is different when it comes to watching violent shows. Stephen
has one fine example. Unless someone can prove other wise or give proven
facts about the direct effect of violence on children then nothing is
wrong with anecdote - based examples because after all they are personal
experiences with this subject.
Donald Larsson said:
Anecdotally, someone may be able to prove almost anything, but proof has
to be limited to the particular instance (if that).If John Hinkley
really was inpired by TAXI DRIVER, why haven t millions of people
stalked Jody Foster and tried to kill a politician?
Someone may be able to prove almost anything anecdotally, but don t you
think giving personal examples of the direct effect of violence on
children is just as good as having actual evidence such as a study done
by professionals? My point is children will act out these violent events
but I m NOT judging them as if they are bad people. I m not saying they
will grow up with some mental disorder not become some violent person or
a murderer for that matter. I just wouldn t want my children to watch
shows with that sort of content in them. My children do not need to be
extra rough with other children, someone always ends up being hurt. For
starters we are referring to children not adults. Just because one
person is inspired by something doesn t mean everyone will be. That
example has nothing to do with the subject we are referring to.
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