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October 1996, Week 3


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Matthew Milam <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 18 Oct 1996 21:01:59 +0000
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I am working on a story that takes place in a fictional jungle named
"HighCry".   It's populated by man-mouse creatures,  one of them that
i am introducing in the begining is a female man-mouse.  I would like
suggestions of that type of character.
Here's a part of the story-script that i wrote:
By Matthew Milam
In a remote forest in Africa, a scientist is searching for bones. But
not just any bones he wanted to look for, these were bones of a new
kind of being that had been reported being sited in a forest known as
HighCry forest. The forest is 1000 square feet or more and is known
for many legendary tribes which have supposedly lived here for ages.
Recently however it was said that paper company's had found some
richer wood in the trees in HighCry forest, which would probably
explain why they were out of there territory in the first place.
The scientist who decided to take the dare and search this mysterious
part of the jungle is John Callaman, he's about 35 years of age, tall,
black hair and a very brown complextionable face. He likes to always
get into things have never been explored or even challenged. And he
was always the one to come up short, John never did find any pure
evidence of any of the myth's of this world (Even Stonehenge).  But
when he heard about the sighting of this_this creature, this
man-mouse, this mouse with the features of a human being.  The only
difference was the reporting had stated actual real prints, with claws
at the foot of them.  And here he is now_looking for what may be, his
only achievement in the exploitation of the unknown.
John continuously looked around for any clues leading to his belief
that what was reported was not made up. He had noticed that some of
the footprints had holes at the front of the toes.  John decided to
make a journal entry about his first piece of evidence:
John Callaman, 10/05/96
I have reached the site of the reporting were the so-called man-mouse
had made his first appearance.  I have examined a set of prints which
seemed to have claw marks in front of the toes.  I am taking one of
the prints as evidence that there it was here.  I also took notice of
claw marks that looked more permanent on two tall trees, the marks on
there are larger and may be a sign of the entrance to there village or
tribe.  The map had lead be to the forest, but I think he just lead me
to the front door itself.  I will stay here tonight and proceed into
the forest tomorrow, there I will make note of any signs of life and
any new or unusual natural resources not discovered by man.
Professor John Callaman
Little did he know that a figure just like the report stated was
looking over him from atop a tree above him.  The man-mouse watched as
the strange man took a sampling of the ground and put in a
tough-plastic.  John meanwhile decided to go and make up his camp as
it was getting dark.  His camp was made up of a tent made of metal, a
small portable cooking stove, some hot dogs (Oscar Meyer of course)
and a table were he could make his notes. All call-of-the-wild type
needs were taken care of outside like everyone else does when camping.
The man-mouse who was watching him was female, wearing a black bra and
loincloth and looked weak but only at first glance, her hair is also
jet black.  It seemed that she was the curious type..always studying
other everything and there strange tools.  She wanted to get closer
and see what else lie in the huge triangular shape_But instinct told
her that danger lied there if she did.  The man-female-mouse was only
safe in her part of the forest, she felt more used to knowing the ways
of life there.  Outside that, she would be in her own mind defenseless
and unable to watch out for danger.  Instead, she decided to go back
to into the forest.  Leaping down from the tree as nightfall she ran
into the night, into the deep part of the HighCry forest.  Not knowing
it, there were other tracks that lie further in the forest.  John knew
that there were more footprints like the ones he saw, and as he saw
the nightfall he turned into his portable bunk and dreamt of dreams of
what he thought would be paradise.  But the tone of that night seemed
to suggest a more evil, elusive look.
Any suggestions would be fine.
Matthew Milam
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