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June 1995, Week 4


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Postmodern Culture <[log in to unmask]>
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Sun, 25 Jun 1995 16:17:50 CDT
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Forwarded by Jeremy Butler.
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_Postmodern Culture_ is looking for reviews of recent books,
films, CDs, plays, TV Shows, concerts, sporting events,
performances, exhibitions, conferences and conventions,
happenings, and so forth, for the September 1995 issue.  Reviews
should be approximately 2000-3500 words long, and should follow
the journal's format guidelines, which are available from the
_PMC_ review editor.   Reviews should be submitted by August 25.
A selection will be made at that time, and authors whose reviews
are published will be invited to choose two books from _PMC_'s
library of recent titles.  All correspondence will be answered
and all submissions will be given careful consideration.  A
selective list of recent titles follows this announcement, but
many other texts and events could be appropriate material for
review in _Postmodern Culture_.
Send reviews, proposals, or queries to Jim English at:
            [log in to unmask]
IBM-compatible diskettes containing ASCII, Word, or WordPerfect
files may be mailed to Jim English, 119 Bennett Hall, University
of Pennsylvania, Phila PA 19104-6273.
Allison, Anne.  _Nightwork: Sexuality, Pleasure, and Corporate
Masculinity in a Tokyo Hostess Club_.  Chicago and London: U of
Chicago P, 1994.
Apter, David E., and Tony Saich.  _Revolutionary Discourse in
Mao's Repuublic_. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1994.
Bammer, Angelika, ed.  _Displacements: Cultural Identities in
Question_.  Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1994.
Baudrillard, Jean.  _Simulacra and Simulation_.  Trans. Sheila
Faria Glaser.  Michigan UP, 1995.
Blanchot, Maurice.  _The Work of Fire_.  Trans. Charlotte
Mandeli. Stanford UP, 1995.
Bobrow, Daniel G., ed.  _Artificial Intelligence in Perspective_.
Cambridge: MIT Press, 1994.
Booker, Keith M.  _Llosa Vargas Among the Postmodernists_.
Gainesville, UP of Florida, 1994.
Bourdieu, Pierre, et al. _Academic Discourse: Linguistic
Misunderstanding and Professional Power_.  Trans. Richard Teese.
Stanford: Stanford UP, 1994.
Boym, Svetlana.  _Common Places: Mythologies of Everyday Life in
Russia_.  Harvard UP, 1995.
Brent, Bill, ed.  _The Black Book_.  1994 Edition.  San
Francisco:  Black Book, 1993.
Brewer, Maria Minich.  _Claude Simon: Narrativities Without
Narrative_.  Nebraska UP, 1995.
Brunette, Peter and David Wills, eds.  _Deconstruction and the
Visual Arts: Art, Media, Architecture_.  Cambridge Studies in New
Art History and Criticism.  New York: Cambridge UP, 1994.
Bryson, Norman et al. eds.  _Visual Culture: Images and
Interpretations_.  Hanover: UP of New England, 1994.
Calvet, Louis-Jean.  _Roland Barthes: A Biography_.  Bloomington.
Indiana UP, 1995.
Cancalon, Elaine D., and Antoine Spacagna, eds.  _Intertextuality
in  Literature and Film_.  Selected Papers from the 13th Florida
State University Conference on Literature and Film.  Gainesville:
UP of Florida, 1994.
Carson, Diane, Linda Dittmar, and Janice R. Welsch, eds.
_Multiple  Voices in Feminist Film Criticism_.  Minneapolis: U
Minnesota P,
Chanady, Amaryll, ed.  _Latin American Identity and Constructions
of Difference_.  Minneapolis: U Minnesota P, 1994.
Chapple, Richard L., ed.  _Social and Political Change in
Literature  and Film_.  Gainesville: UP of Florida, 1994.
Childers, Joseph, and Gary Hentzi, eds.  _The Columbia Dictionary
of Modern Literary and Cultural Criticism_.  Columbia UP, 1995.
Cixous, Helene.  Manna: For the Mandelstams for the Mandelas.
Trans.  Catherine A. F. MacGillivray.  Minneapolis: U of
Minnesota P, 1994.
Cohen, Tom.  _Anti-Mimesis: From Plato to Hitchcock_.  Cambridge:
Cambridge UP, 1994.
Comnes, Gregory.  _The Ethics of Indeterminacy in the Novels of
William Gaddis_.  Gainesville: UP of Florida, 1994.
Copjec, Joan.  _Read My Desire: Lacan Against the Historicists_.
Cambridge: MIT Press, 1994.
Debord, Guy.  _The Society of Spectacle_.  Trans. Donald
Nicholson-Smith.  New York: Zone Books, 1994.
Delany, Samuel R.  _Flight from Neveryon_.  Hanover and London:
Wesleyan UP, 1994.
Delany, Samuel R.  _Silent Interviews: On Language, Race, Sex,
Science Fiction, and Some Comics_.  Hanover and London: Wesleyan
UP, 1994.
De Lauretis, Teresa.  _The Pracice of Love: Lesbian Sexuality and
Perverse Desire_.  Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1994.
Deleuze, Gilles and Felix Guattari.  _What is Philosophy?_.
European Perspectives.  New York: Columbia UP, 1994.
Derrida, Jacques.  _Points...Interviews, 1974-1994_.  1992.
Trans. Peggy Kamuf and others.  Ed. Elisabeth Weber.  Stanford
UP, 1995.
Doan, Laura, ed.  _The Lesbian Postmodern_.  Between Men -
Between Women: Lesbian and Gay Studies.  New York: Columbia UP,
Downing, John, Ali Mohammadi, and Annabelle Sreberny-Mohammadi,
eds.  _Questioning the Media: A Critical Edition_.  2nd Edition.
London: Sage, 1995.
Druckrey, Timothy, ed.  _Iterations: The New Image_.  Cambridge:
MIT, 1994.
Epstien, Jonathon, S. ed.  _Adolescents and Thier Music: If It's
Too Loud You're Too Old_.  New York: Garland, 1994.
Epstein, Mikhail.  _After the Future: The Paradoxes of
Postmodernism and Contemporary Russian Culture_. Amherst: U of
Massachusetts P, 1995.
Erickson, Jon.  _The Fate of the Object: From Modern Object to
Postmodern Sign in Performance, Art, and Poetry_.  Ann Arbor: U
of Michigan P, 1995.
Fornas, Johan, and Goran Bolin, eds.  _Youth Culture in Late
Modernity_.  London: Sage, 1995.
Frow, John.  _Cultural Studies and Cultural Value_.  New York:
Oxford UP, 1995.
Gallop, Jane, ed.  _Pedagogy: The Question of Impersonation_.
Bloominton: Indiana UP, 1995.
Garry, Patrick. _Scrambling for Protection: The New Media and the
First Amendment_.  Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh UP, July 1994.
Godzich, Wlad. _The Culture of Literacy_.  Cambridge and London:
Harvard UP, 1994
Grewal, Inderpal, and Caren Kaplen, eds. _Scattered Hegemonies:
Postmodernity and Transnational Feminist Practices_.
Minneapolis: U Minnesota P, 1994.
Gumbrecht, Hans Ulrich, and K. Ludwig Pfeiffer, eds.
_Materialities of Communication_.  Trans: William Wholbrey.
Writing Science series.  Stanford: Stanford UP, 1994.
Haggerty, George E., and Bonnie Zimmerman, eds.  _Professions of
Desire_.  Lesbian and Gay Studies in Literature.  MLA Press,
Halton, Eugene.  _Bereft of Reason: On the Decline of Social
Thought and Prospects for its Renewal_.  Chicago UP, 1995.
Hardt, Michael, and Antonio Negri.  _Labor of Dionysus: A
Critique of the State-Form_.  Minneapolis: U Minnesota P, 1994.
Heide, Margaret J.  _Television Culture and Women's Lives:
thirtysomething and the Contradictions of Gender_.  Philadelphia:
U of Pennsylvania P, 1995.
Hite, Shere.  _Women as Revolutionary Agents of Change_.
Madison: Wisconsin UP, 1994.
Holzman, Steven R.  _Digital Mantras: the Languages of Abstract
and Virtual Worlds_.  Cambridge: MIT, 1994.
Ismael, Tareq Y., and Jaczueline S. Ismael, eds.  _The Gulf War
and the New World Order: International Relations of the Middle
East_.  Gainesville: UP of Florida, 1994.
Jackson, Peter, and Jan Penrose, eds.  _Constructions of Race,
Place, and Nation_.  Minneapolis: U Minnesota P, 1994.
Jasanoff, Sheila, ed.  _Learning from Disaster: Risk Management
after Bhopal_.  Philadelphia: U of Pennsylvania P, 1994.
Jones, Amelia.  _Postmodernism and the En-Gendering of Marcel
Duchamp_.  Cambridge Studies in New Art History and Criticism.
New York: Cambridge UP, 1994.
Joyce, Michael.  _Of Two Minds: Hypertext, Pedagogy, and
Poetics_.  Michigan UP, 1995.
Kristeva, Julia.  _New Maladies of the Soul_.  Trans. Ross
Buberman.  Columbia UP, 1995.
Limon, Jose E.  _Dancing with the Devil: Society and Cultural
Poetics in Mexican-American South Texas_. Wisconson: U of
Wisconson P, 1994.
Lingus, Alphonso, _Abuses_.  Berkeley: U California P, September
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Columbia UP, 1995.
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Society_.   Minneapolis: U Minnesota P, 1994.
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Bodies_.  Irvine Studies in the Humanities series.  Stanford,
Stanford UP, 1994.
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Independent Filmmakers.  California UP, 1995.
Messerli, Douglas, ed.  _From the Other Side of The Century: A
New American Poetry 1960-1990_.  Los Angeles: Sun and Moon Press,
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Anthropolgy and Gender_.  Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1995.
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McDonald.  Stanford: Stanford UP, 1994.
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Politics of (Re)Presentation in the United States_.  Minneapolis:
U of Minnesota P, 1995.
Ossman, Susan.  _Picturing Casablanca: Portraits of Power in a
Modern City_.  Berkeley: U of California P, November 1994.
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Stanford UP, 1995.
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Palumbo-Liu, David, ed.  _The Ethnic Canon: Histories,
Institutions, and Interventions_.  Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P,
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Composed in America_.  Chicago and London: U of Chicago P, 1994.
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Cinema_.  Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1995.
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Rebellion and Rock 'n' Roll_.  Harvard UP, 1995.
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in the Work of Jurgen Habermas_.  Philosophy, Social Theory, and
the Rule of Law.  Berkeley: U of California P, 1994.
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Milenium_.  Lincoln and London: U of Nebraska P, 1994.
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and the Psyche_.  Cultural Sitings series.  Stanford: Stanford
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Representation_.  Selected Papers from the 11th Florida State
University Conference on Literature and Film.  Gainesville: UP of
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Testimonios_.  Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 1995.
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and Race_.  New York: Routledge, 1995.
Zavarzadeh, Mas'ud and Donald Morton.  _Theory as Resistance:
Politics and Culture after (Post)structuralism_.  Critical
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