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July 1994


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Jeremy Butler <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 18 Jul 1994 22:10:05 CST
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A Society for Cinema Studies committee has been (slowly, casually)
exploring ways in which the online world currently serves film/TV scholars.
I've chaired this committee for two years now and I figure it's time to
make some recommendations and possibly take some action.
I would greatly appreciate the participation of SCREEN-Litarians in this
effort.  There are many corners of the Internet that I haven't peered into.
Plus, a discussion of this nature might help make us all more aware of the
resources out there.
The outline I'm currently working with is divided into two parts:
1.  The types of materials/services avaiLable online ("online" equals,
principally, Internet resources, but might extend to commercial services or
dial-up BBS's).
2.  Modes of providing those materials/services.
I'm open to suggestions in both areas:  What is currently available online?
What needs to be added to that?  How are these materials/services provided?
How could they be provided in the future?
Seems like I recall someone putting together a guide to online film/TV
resources.  Does anyone know if this exists?
So, here's what I've sketched out tonight:
E-mail discussion groups
Databases of film credits
Archive/library catalogs
MOOs/MUDs/IRC for "real time" conferences
SCS materials
        Directory (available only to members?)
                Including *e-mail* addressesses
                Grad student directory, too
        Conference calls/info
        Conference papers/abstracts
        Reports of SCS committees
                E.g., archival materials committee
        Job listings
Course syllabi--in collaboration with UFVA's "course files"?
A FAQ for film/TV Internet resources
        Topics to cover from film/TV studies angle:
                Discussion groups
                Databases of film credits
                Online archival catalogs (e.g., Library of Congress)
                Commercial information services
                MOOs/MUDs/Internet Relay Chat
                Transferring files via the Internet (too many variables?)
                Scholarly use of e-mail (too rudimentary?)
        Print it in CINEMA JOURNAL initially, updates online
                Make updates available for FTP, LISTSERV and dial-up access
        Make it hypertext, allow folks to bounce to those resources
Searchable databases
        SCS directory
        Scholarly databases
SCREEN-L discussion group and archive
                Discussion of film/TV studies
                        Available currently through e-mail, Usenet, dial-up
                *Text* files, but not binary ones
                        Retrievable via e-mail (thus accessible by
                        commercial sources like CIS, AOL, Prodigy, etc.)
                Currently run on LISTSERV software on the U. of Al
                        mainframe computer
                Solely for announcements related to film/TV studies
                Moderated; low traffic
                None, if co-sponsoring insitution found (e.g., UA s TCFnet)
Gopher/WWW/FTP server
                Online searching of databases
                Hypertext access to resources
                Text files
                Binary files--word processing, graphics, sound
                Unix box and someone to create/run it
                Hang it on a co-sponsoring institution's 'Net connection?
Internet accessible (via Telnet) MOO/MUD/BBS
                 Real-time,  live discussions
                Text files
                See FTP/Gopher/WWW above
Dial-up BBS
                Bulletin board-style discussion
                        I.e., "posting" of messages
                Text/binary files
                $500-1,000 to buy some harddisk space
                Link to the Internet server's files?
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  Telecommunication & Film Dept. * University of Alabama * Tuscaloosa