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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Martha Day <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 19 Jul 1994 14:26:12 EDT
University of Vermont
Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
text/plain (800 lines)
Jeremy...another list compiled by Corinne Smith of PSU, which has
proven invaluable for us media acquisitions types.  In her
announcement of this update, she encourages Media-L listers to post
it to other approapriate lists.
Although long, this listing includes some real gems...and in essence,
it symbolizes the sharing attitude of people on email lists--for many
of us have helped to add resource info to this dynamic list.
Happy hunting...Martha
Date:          Wed, 29 Jun 1994 12:12:43 -0400
Reply-to:      Media in Education <[log in to unmask]>
From:          "Corinne Smith, Penn State AVS"
 <[log in to unmask]>
Organization:  Penn State University / University Libraries
Subject:       I Saw It on TV, July 1994
To:            Multiple recipients of list MEDIA-L
 <[log in to unmask]>
"I   S A W   I T   O N   T V : "
A   G U I D E   T O
B R O A D C A S T   P R O G R A M M I N G   S O U R C E S
Compiled by Corinne H. Smith
Penn State Audio-Visual Services
July 1994
send additions and corrections to
[log in to unmask]   or
[log in to unmask]
This document is also available via anonymous ftp at two sites: and Log in as anonymous and give your
e-mail address as the password. The guide is in the directory /pub/tv-
networks/broadcast-sources.txt or simply under /tv-networks/. To access
this document via gopher or telnet, use and
choose the pathway: Library Catalogs and Gophers/ Instructional Media
Centers (film & video)/ Resources for Film & Video (Reviews,
Bibliographies etc.)/.
   1.0  U.S. Networks:  The Big Three
   2.0  U.S. Networks:  Public Broadcasting
   3.0  U.S. Networks:  The Others
   4.0  Canadian Networks and Sources
         4.1  Canadian TV
         4.2  Canadian Pay TV
         4.3  Canadian Specialty Services
         4.4  Canadian Representatives of Foreign TV Companies
         4.5  Canadian Publications
   5.0  Commercials
   6.0  Transcripts
   7.0  Miscellaneous
   8.0  Production Companies
   9.0  Distributor Information
  10.0  Made-for-TV Movies
  11.0  International Programming
  12.0  As Advertised on TV or Radio
A B C, 77 West 66th St, New York NY  10023; telephone (212) 456-7477.
        ABC News segments can be obtained by calling (212) 456-1731;
        you must know the broadcast date and the segment title.
        ABC News archives, 47 W 66 St, 6th Floor, New York NY  10023;
        telephone (212) 456-3749.
        "Nightline with Ted Koppel" episodes are available by calling
        (800) ABC-7500. You must know the broadcast date and the
        segment title.
        "20/20," "Primetime Live,"  "Day One," and "Turning Point" videos
        are available by calling (800) 913-3434. You must know the
        broadcast date and the segment title. Some episodes of the first
        two series may be available through Journal Graphics, where per
        episode price is $34.95 for home use and $84.95 for school or
        institutional use.
        "Peter Jennings Reporting" videos are available for $19.98 plus
        $3.95 s&h by calling (800) 222-7500.
        "Good Morning America" can be contacted by writing to the
        executive producer (Jack Reilly) at 147 Columbus Ave, 6th Floor,
        New York NY  10023; phone (212) 456-5987.  Call (800) 543-
        4GMA to subscribe to this show's newsletter.
        Some public affairs and news programs are available through
        A B C Distribution Company, ATTN: Video Sales, 825 7th Ave,
        New York NY  10019; telephone (212) 456-1725.
        Some ABC programs are distributed through Resolution
        Company, telephone (800) 862-8900.
        "The Fairer Sex," a "Primetime Live" episode about discrimination
        between the sexes, is available from corVision, 1359 Barclay Blvd,
        Buffalo Grove IL  60089; phone (800) 537-3130 or (708) 537-3100
        or fax (708) 537-3353.
        From the Past:
        "Schoolhouse Rock" segments, educational shorts which aired in
        the 1970s between regular Saturday morning cartoons, are
        available in four volumes (History, Math, Science, Grammar) for
        $12.95 each from Golden Book, phone number (800) 236-7123.
C B S, 51 W 52nd St, New York NY  10019; phone (212) 975-1556 or fax
        (212) 975-7452. CBS News Archives, Tony Gavin, 524 W 57 St,
        New York NY  10019; phone (212) 975-7260. CBS Sports, phone
        (212) 975-4321.
        "Eye to Eye with Connie Chung" videos are available for $29.95
        each by calling (800) 762-9990. Transcripts, call (800) 777-TEXT.
        "48 Hours" videos, phone (800) 338-4847 or call Ambrose Video.
        "Street Stories" videos are available through Ambrose Video.
        "60 Minutes" programs beginning from 1991 to the present are
        available on home video from CBS Video, P O Box 2054, South
        Burlington VT  05407; phone (800) 848-3256 or fax (802) 864-
        9846.  For videos with public performance rights (at $69.95 each),
        call Ambrose Video.  Pre-1991 shows which are not available from
        Ambrose Video Publishing must be special ordered from Neal
        Waldheim in the CBS Archives at the address above.  He doesn't
        take phone orders, but messages may be left at (212) 975-2875.
        "Northern Exposure," five episodes available for $14.95 each from
        MCA-Universal Home Video, 70 Universal City Plaza, Universal
        City CA  91608-9955; phone (818) 777-4300.
        "Oprah Winfrey" shows are *not* available for purchase on video.
        A highlight tape of the 1994 Winter Olympics is available for
        $39.98 by calling (800) 747-7999.
N B C, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York NY  10112; phone (212) 664-
        2074 or fax (212) 664-7541.
        NBC News Video Archive, same address as above; phone (212)
        664-3797 or fax (212) 957-8917. NBC Nightly News can be
        contacted via e-mail at [log in to unmask]
        Dateline NBC videos are available for $24.95 plus $3.95 s&h by
        calling (800) 420-2626.
        For permission to retain videos of events such as the inaugural
        address, contact Marcie Kinoo-Smith at (212) 664-3289 or fax
        (212) 664-6572.
P B S, 1320 Braddock Place, Alexandria VA  22314-1698.  For
        distribution information on programs, call (800) 328-7271.  To
        order items, call (800) 344-3337 or fax (703) 739-5269.
        Many PBS affiliates publish their own program guides, which are
        good resources for correct titling information.  Others may
        cooperate with local publications.  Check with your local station!
        "Frontline" programs are distributed by PBS Video. But if you are
        unsure of the segment title, you can try calling Journal Graphics
        first, as their search capability is sometimes better.
        Some programs, especially BBC productions, are available on
        video through one of the following catalogs.  Indexes for the
        videos listed in the current editions of the first two catalogs below
        are available via e-mail from the author of this document.
        _Signals_, WGBH Educational Foundation, P O Box 64428, St.
        Paul MN  55164-0428; phone (800) 669-9696 or fax (612) 659-
        _Wireless_, Minnesota Public Radio, P O Box 64422, St. Paul MN
        55164-0422; telephone (800) 669-9999 or fax (612) 659-4320.
        _The Video Catalog_, P O Box 64267, St. Paul MN 55164-0428;
        phone (800) 733-2232 or fax (612) 659-4320.
PBS broadcasts that are *not* distributed by PBS Video:
        "American Playhouse" series information can be obtained by
        calling Michael Poe at (212) 582-1111; video information is
        available at (212) 757-6134.
        BBC's Shakespeare Plays series. Each play is available for $99
        on video from Ambrose Video Publishing.
        BBC productions. Call (212) 373-4199 to hear a detailed set of
        recordings offering suggestions for contacting possible distributors
        of BBC productions.
        "Bradshaw on the Family" and "Bradshaw on Homecoming" are
        distributed by KUHT-TV, 4513 Cullen Blvd, Houston TX  77004;
        phone (713) 749-2304. For "Bradshaw on Creating Love," call
        (800) 358-3000.
        Charlie Rose programs are available for $29.95 each from
        Infosource, 322 8th Ave, New York NY  10001; phone (212) 727-
        3856 or (800) 825-5746.
        "Firing Line" programs are available from Producers Inc., 2700
        Cypress St, Columbia SC  29205; phone (803) 799-3449.
        "Frugal Gourmet" tapes available from MPI Home Video, 15825
        Rob Roy Dr, Oak Forest IL  60452; phone (800) 323-0442.
        "Hometime" videos are available by calling (800) 531-5599.
        "Infinite Voyage" is now distributed by Intellimation, 2040 Alameda
        Padre Sierra, Santa Barbara CA  93103; phone (800) 532-7637.
        "Masterpiece Theatre" video availability can be determined by
        calling WGBH at (617) 492-2777.
        "National Geographic" videos are available from National
        Geographic Society, Educational Services, P O Box 98019,
        Washington DC  20090; phone (800) 368-2728 or fax (301) 921-
        "Nature" series tapes (just selected programs) are available by
        calling (800) 345-9638.
        "NOVA" programs are usually produced by WGBH in Boston, *but
        don't call there!*   Programs are usually available for sale in video
        format for just the first three years after the initial show dates.
        Episodes produced before September 1993 are available from
        Films for the Humanities & Sciences, PO Box 2053, Princeton NJ
        08540; phone (800) 257-5126 or fax (609) 275-3767. Episodes
        produced after September 1993 are available from WGBH, PO
        Box 2284, South Burlington VT  05407; phone (800) 255-9424.
        Physics Demonstrations with Julius Sumner Miller, 60 programs of
        15 minutes duration, are available from Western Instructional
        Television, 1438 North Gower St, Los Angeles CA  90028; phone
        (213) 466-8601.
        "P.O.V." programs are initially handled by the American
        Documentary Consortium, Inc., phone (212) 989-8121.  (Often
        they are later picked up by a variety of traditional distributors.)
        "Stuff of Dreams" series is available from Council for Chemical
        Research, Inc., 1620 L St NW, Ste 825, Washington DC  20036;
        phone (202) 429-3971.
        "Tony Brown's Journal" videos, phone (800) 223-1796.
        William Alexander art videos, Magic Art Supplies, Inc., PO Box
        17129, Salem OR  97305; phone (503) 393-7320 or fax (503) 390-
        0193; orders only to (800) 547-8747.
        WNET-TV produced videos are often available from them directly;
        call (800) 336-1917. The 10-part series "Behind the Scenes" is
        available for $108.95 by calling (800) 345-2690 or writing PO Box
        2284, South Burlington VT  05407.
        WQED-TV produced videos are often available from them directly.
        Write to QED Enterprises, 4802 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh PA  15213, or
        call (412) 622-1307.
        "Wonderworks" videos, American Passage Video Collection, 215
        W Harrison, Seattle WA  98119.  Also available from Films
        Incorporated, 5547 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago IL  60640-1199;
        phone (800) 323-4222.  Also available for $29.94 each from
        Viewfinders, Inc.
AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS, 150 Crossways Park West, Woodbury
        NY  11797; phone (516) 364-2222 or fax (516) 364-8924.
        Subscriptions to the AMC Magazine are $11.95/year; call (800)
        535-7700 or write to AMC Magazine, P O Box 2065, Marion OH
        10017; phone (212) 661-4500.  Educational information is
        available from A&E Classroom, Arts & Entertainment Network, P O
        Box 1610, Grand Central Station, New York NY  10163; telephone
        (212) 661-4500.  Subscriptions to the Arts & Entertainment
        program guide are $18/year; call (800) 238-2800 or write to
        Program Guide, P O Box 2071, Knoxville IA  50197-2071.
        "Biography" series programs are available from Coronet/MTI Film
        & Video, 108 Wilmot Road, Deerfield IL  60015; telephone (800)
        621-2131.  "Race for the Double Helix" is *not* currently available
        for purchase, and A&E's contract with the BBC to broadcast that
        program expires in September 1994; check with them after that
        date to see if it's been renewed and if they will ever broadcast it
        again. Some additional programs are available from A&E Home
        Video, PO Box 2284, South Burlington VT  05407-2284; phone
        (800) 828-6565 ext. 10 or (800) 423-1212.
        DC  20018; phone (202) 636-2403 or fax (202) 529-4009.
        Educational information is available from Black Entertainment
        Television, 1212 New York Ave N W, Ste 430, Washington DC
        20005; telephone (202) 408-5480.
BRAVO, 150 Crossways Park West, Woodbury, NY 11797; telephone
        (516) 364-2222.
C-SPAN, 400 N Capitol St N W, Ste 650, Washington DC  20001;
        telephone (800) 523-7586.  Director of Educational Services is
        Linda Heller at (202) 737-3220.  Off-air taping rights are extremely
        liberal; check with her for more information.  Videos of programs
        are available for $49.95 from Public Affairs Video Archives,
        Purdue University, 1025 Stewart Center, West Lafayette IN
        47907-1025; telephone (800) 423-9630, FAX (317) 494-3421,
        or send e-mail to [log in to unmask] or
        [log in to unmask]  To ask e-mail questions about
        viewer services, write to [log in to unmask]
CABLE NEWS NETWORK (CNN), One CNN Center, P O Box 105366,
        Atlanta GA  30348; telephone (800) 344-6219 for CNN Multi-
        Media.  Public information (comments, suggestions, info requests)
        should be directed to (404) 827-1500.  Inquiries for purchase
        information of CNN programs should be directed to (404) 827-
        1335.  Information about the CNN VideoLink program can be
        acquired by writing to CNN VideoLink Education Director, 3565
        Evans Rd, Atlanta GA  30340, or by calling (800) 367-3170 or
        (404) 493-1115.  CNN News Chronolog and Science Chronolog
        are each available for $239 each for a one-year (12 issue)
        subscription; call Bob Moore at (800) 742-1096 for more
CARTOON NETWORK, 1050 Techwood Dr NW, Atlanta GA  30315;
        phone (404) 827-1500.
CINEMAX, 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY  10036; phone
        (212) 512-1000.
CNBC, 2200 Fletcher Ave, Fort Lee NJ  07024; phone (313) 643-9033 or
        fax (810) 643-8962.
COMEDY CENTRAL, 1775 Broadway, New York NY  10019; phone
        (212) 767-8600.
COUNTRY MUSIC TV, 2806 Opryland Dr, Nashville TN  37213; phone
        (212) 916-1000.
COURT TV, 600 Third Ave, New York NY  10016; phone (212) 973-3383.
THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL, 7700 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda MD
        20814-3522; telephone (301) 986-0444 ext. 294.  Educational
        information is available from Assignment Discovery, The
        Discovery Channel, at the above address; telephone (301) 986-
        1999.  Or call (800) 321-1832 for a free educator's guide.
        Subscriptions to Destination Discovery are $19.97/year; call (800)
        769-5908 or write to Destination Discovery, PO Box 631, Mount
        Morris IL  61054.  Some programs are available for purchase from
        Public Media Video (Films Inc.); call (800) 826-3456.  Other
        programs are available for purchase from Ingram Entertainment
        Inc., 2 Ingram Blvd, P O Box 7006, La Vergne TN  37086-7006.
        Still other programs are available for purchase on VHS; call (800)
THE DISNEY CHANNEL, 3800 W Alameda Ave, Burbank CA  91505;
        phone (818) 569-7897.  Subscriptions to the Disney Channel
        magazine are $12/year; write to the above address.
E! ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION, 10 Columbus Blvd, Hartford CT
        06106; phone (203) 249-3700.
ENCORE, 5445 DTC Pkwy, Ste 600, Englewood CO  80111; phone
        (303) 267-4000.
ESPN, ESPN Plaza, 935 Middle St, Bristol CT  06010; phone (203) 585-
        2236 or fax (203) 584-5890.  ESPN Home Video, telephone (800)
        533-1800 or (800) 841-8900.  Sports related information:  _The
        Complete Guide to Exercise Videos_ is available free by calling
        (800) 356-8100; this catalog lists almost every fitness and aerobic
        tape on the market today.  Also, NFL Films, 330 Fellowship Rd,
        Mount Laurel NJ  08054; phone 778-1600.
THE FAMILY CHANNEL, 1000 Centerville Turnpike, PO Box 64549,
        Virginia Beach VA  23467-4549; phone (804) 523-7301 or fax
        (804) 523-7880.
FINANCIAL NEWS NETWORK, 600 3rd Ave, New York NY  10022;
        phone (212) 922-9320.
FOX BROADCASTING COMPANY, P O Box 900, Beverly Hills CA 90213;
        phone (310) 277-2211. Contact via e-mail at: [log in to unmask]
HOME BOX OFFICE (HBO), 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY
        10036; phone (212) 512-1000.
KBL, Trimont Plaza, Ste 300, 1301 Grandview Ave, Pittsburgh PA
        15211; phone (412) 339-4806.
THE LEARNING CHANNEL, 7700 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda MD  20814;
        phone (301) 986-1999. Subscriptions to TLC Monthly are
        $11.97/year; call (800) 326-4275 or write to TLC Monthly, PO Box
        631, Mount Morris IL  61054.
LIFETIME, 3612 35th Ave, Astoria NY  11106; phone (718) 482-4000.
        P O Box 3309, Englewood CA  80155-3309; phone (800) 777-
        MIND.  Subscriptions to the ME/U program guide are $15/year;
        write to the above address.
THE MOVIE CHANNEL, 1633 Broadway, New York NY  10019; phone
        (212) 708-1600.
MTV, 1515 Broadway, 23rd Floor, New York NY  10036; phone (212)
        713-6400 or (212) 258-8560  "Rapumentories," a 2-volume set of
        rap music videos, is available by writing to the above address on
        college letterhead. Explain your usage plans, and a price will be
        sent to you.
THE NASHVILLE NETWORK, 2806 Opryland Dr, Nashville TN  37214;
        phone (615) 883-7000.
NICKELODEON, 1515 Broadway, New York NY  10036; phone (212)
        713-7010.  Subscriptions to Nickelodeon Magazine, a children's
        publication, can be ordered by calling (800) 358-6700;  price is
        $9.97 for six issues.
NOSTALGIA TELEVISION, 75 James Way, Southampton PA  18966;
        phone (215) 364-7550.
OUTDOOR CHANNEL, 43445 Business Park Dr, Ste 113, Temecula CA
        92590; phone (909) 699-4749.
PRISM, 225 City Line Ave, Bala Cynwyd PA  19004; phone (610) 668-
SCI-FI CHANNEL, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY  10020
        phone (212) 408-9100.  Subscriptions to the Sci-Fi Channel
        magazine are $14.95/year; write to P O Box 58162, Boulder
        CO  80322, or call (800) SCI-FI94.  Up-to-date broadcast
        schedules for this network are available via electronic mail by
        writing to Max Lansing at [log in to unmask]
SHOWTIME, 1633 Broadway, New York NY  10019; phone (212) 708-
SPORTSCHANNEL, 225 City Line Ave, Bala Cynwyd PA  19004.
STARZ! 5445 DTC Pkwy, Ste 600, Englewood CO  80111; phone (303)
TBS SUPERSTATION, One CNN Center, P O Box 105366, Atlanta GA
        30348; phone (404) 827-1500. For TBS Video Sales, call (404)
        885-4488.  "The Heart of Healing" series is available for $59.95
        plus $4.95 shipping from Turner Home Entertainment, P O Box
        2203, South Burlington VT  05407; phone (800) 887-3737.
        "Century of Women" is available as a three-part video set from the
        same source for $49.95 plus s&h,but the phone number is (800)
        946-7171. Fax number for Turner Home Entertainment is (802)
TRAVEL CHANNEL, 1370 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY 10019;
        phone (212) 603-4500.
        105366, Atlanta GA  30348; phone (404) 827-2599 or (404) 827-
U S A NETWORK, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY  10020;
        phone (212) 408-9100.
        New York NY  10036; phone (212) 502-1300.
VIDEO HITS ONE (VH-1), 1515 Broadway, New York NY  10036; phone
        (212) 713-6458.
        Cable Coalition; phone (800) 841-8476.
THE WEATHER CHANNEL, 2600 Cumberland Pkwy, Atlanta GA  30339;
        phone (404) 434-6800 or (404) 801-2149.
W G N, One Technology Plaza, 7142 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa OK  74136-
        5422; phone (312) 528-2311.
W P I X, 11 WPIX Plaza, New York NY  10017; phone (212) 210-2721.
W W O R, 112 Northern Concourse, P O Box 4872, Syracuse NY  13221;
        phone (800) 448-3322.
This section was compiled by W. Mark Ritchie, Media Library, Audio
Visual Centre, University of Waterloo.  Please send additions or
corrections for this section to [log in to unmask]
4.1  Canadian TV
Access Network, 11230 - 110 St, Edmonton, Alberta T5G 3G8
        Phone:  (403) 491-3272; Fax:  (403) 491-3201
        Province of Alberta Educational public broadcasting system.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, PO Box 500, Terminal A, Toronto,
        Ontario M5W 1E6.
        Phone (416) 975-6384.
Canwest Broadcasting, 603 St Mary's Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba
        R2M 3L8
        Phone:  (204) 233-3304; Fax:  (204) 233-5616
Channel 47, CFMT-TV/Cable Four, 545 Lakeshore Blvd West, Toronto,
        Ontario  M5V 1A3
        Phone:  (416) 593-4747; Fax:  (416) 595-1503
        Multilingual televison, covers 21 ethnic groups
CHJS-TV, 335 Union St, Saint John, New Brunswick E2L 3T4
        Phone:  (506) 632-2222; Fax:  (506) 632-3485
CITY-TV, 299 Queen St West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2Z5
        Phone:  (416) 591-5757; Fax:  (416) 340-7005
        Fax  :  (416) 593-6397 (News); Fax:  (416) 593-7792 (Sales)
        One of Canada's most innovative stations.
CTV Television Network, Ste 1800, 250 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario M5B
        Phone:  (416) 595-4100; Fax:  (416) 595-0917.
Global Communications, Global Television Network, 81 Barber Greene
        Road, Don Mills, Ontario M3C 2A2
        Phone:  (416) 446-5311; Fax:  (416) 446-5371.
Independent Television for the Maritimes (MITV), 335 Union St, Saint
        John, New Brunswick E2L 3T4
        Phone:  (506) 632-2222; Fax:  (506) 632-3485.
ITV, Westcom TV Group, 5325 Allard Way, Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5B8
        Phone:  (403) 436-1250; Fax:  (403) 438-8448.
Knowledge Network / Open Learning Agency, PO Box 82080, Burnaby,
        British Columbia V5C 9Z9
        Phone:  (604) 431-3000; Fax:  (604) 431-3333.
        Province of British Columbia Educational public broadcasting
Radio Canada International, 1055 Rene Levesque Blvd East, PO Box
        6000, Montreal, Quebec H3C 3A8
        Phone:  (514) 597-7555
Saskatchewan Communications Network, 800 - 1920 Broad St, Regina,
        Saskatchewan S4P 3V7
        Phone:  (306) 787-0490; Fax:  (306) 787-0496.
        Province of Saskatchewan Educational public broadcasting
TVOntario, 2180 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario M4S 2B9
        Phone:  (416) 484-2600; Fax:  (416) 484-2725
        Province of Ontario Educational public broadcasting system.
4.2  Canadian Pay TV
Allarcom Pay Television, 5324 Calgary Trail South, Suite 200,
        Edmonton, Alberta  T6H 5B8
        Phone:  (403) 437-3188; Fax:  (403) 437-7744
4.3  Canadian Specialty Services
YTV Canada, 64 Jefferson Ave, Unit 18, Toronto, Ontario  M6K 3H3
        Phone:  (416) 534-1191; Fax:  (416) 533-0346
        Specialty service devoted to young people.
Vision TV, 315 Queen St East, Toronto, Ontario  M5A 1S7
        Phone:  (416) 368-3194; Fax:  (416) 368-9774
        Specialty service devoted to multicultural and multifaith.
MuchMusic Network, 299 Queen St West, Toronto, Ontario  M5V 2Z5
        Phone:  (416) 591-5757; Fax:  (416) 593-6824 (Studio)
        Fax  :  (416) 340-7005
        Specialty service devoted to music.
TeleLatino Network, 5125 Steeles Ave West, Weston, Ontario  M9L 1R5
        Phone:  (416) 744-8200; Fax:  (416) 744-0966
        Specialty service devoted to Spanish and Italian.
Family Channel, 3 Mutual St, Toronto, Ontario  M5B 2A7
        Phone:  (416) 867-8866; Fax:  (416) 867-1870
        Specialty service 60% Disney Channel.
ChinaVision Canada, 160 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario
        M3B 1Z5
        Phone:  (416) 510-2850; Fax:  (416) 510-2849
        Specialty service 90% Cantonese, 10% Mandarin
Cathay International Television, 494 West 39th Ave, Vancouver, British
        Columbia  V5Y 2P7
        Phone:  (604) 321-5266; Fax:  (604) 321-9625
        Specialty service Chinese, Vietnamese.  Handle TVB/Hong Kong,
        International Audio & Visual, CCTV/China and CKVU.
4.4  Canadian Representatives of Foreign TV Companies
Thomas Howe Associates, 110 Homer St, Vancouver, British Columbia
        V6B 2X6
        Phone:  (604) 687-4215; Fax:  (604) 688-8349
        E-mail: [log in to unmask]
        Handle Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Channel Four
        International, Thames Television, Anglia Television, Granada
International Telefilm Enterprises, 5090 Explorer Dr, Ste 301,
        Mississauga, Ontario  L4W 4T9
        Phone: (800) 561-4300 or (416) 629-3133; Fax: (416) 629-1211
        Handles British Broadcasting Corporation.
Omega Films, 70 Milner Ave, Unit 5A, Scarborough, Ontario  M1S 3P8
        Phone:  (416) 291-4733
        Handles London Television Services.
4.5  Canadian Publications
Avison, Liz. _The Distribution Guide for Non-theatrical 16mm Film and
        Video in Canada._ 9th ed, 1992/93. Distributed by Liz Avison,
        Library Consultant, 61 Mann Ave, Toronto, Ontario  M4S 2Y2.
_Film Canada Yearbook._ Distributed by Cine-Communications, Box
        152, Station R, Toronto, Ontario  M4G 3Z3.
_Film/Video Canadiana._ Available on CD-ROM from The National Film
        Board of Canada, P O Box 6100, Station A, Montreal, Quebec
        H3C 3H5; telephone (514) 283-9000 or fax (514) 283-7564.
_The Canadian Catalogue of Media Resources (CCMR)._  Available on
        CD-ROM from TVOntario.  After the next edition, future editions will
        be published from WatMedia.
One source for video compilations of commercials, past and present, is
Adweek's Best Spots, 49 E 21 St, New York NY  10010; phone (212)
Additionally, a two-video set called "Classic Commercials" is available for
 $19.95 plus $3.95 shipping by calling (800) 532-7100 or writing to
Classic Commercials, P O Box 3925, Milford CT  06460.
Two online sources for obtaining fulltext network transcripts are Burrelle's
Broadcast Database [(800) 631-1160] and Lexis/Nexis [(800) 227-4908].
Burrelle's offers transcripts for a price and by phone order; call (800) 777-
Journal Graphics offers transcripts for a price and by phone order.
Their electronic database contains records that refer to broadcasts that
appeared on CNN, ABC, CBS, PBS, and National Public Radio since
1981. Telnet to, account PAC, and choose "Information
Databases." (It's on the CARL network, so there are various ways of
accessing it.) Or call or write to Journal Graphics, 1535 Grant St, Denver
CO  80203; phone (800) TALK-SHO / (800) 825-5746 or (303) 831-9000.
Some "Donahue" videos, are available from Films for the Humanities and
Sciences, P.O. Box 2053, Princeton NJ  08540; telephone (800) 257-
Talk show videos:  For individual programs from Phil Donahue, Jenny
Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Sally Jessie Raphael, Jerry Springer, and Jane
Whitney contact Video Archives, 41 Paoli Plaza, #3D, Paoli PA  19301;
phone (800) 367-8433.  Individual programs may be ordered over the
telephone with a credit card; otherwise, requests must be pre-paid.  Use
a separate sheet for each tape ordered and containing your institution's
name, address, and phone number; the name of the host; the air date of
the show; and the topic or show name.
For a "700 Club" viewer guide, call (800) 333-CLUB.
Arbitron, the TV ratings company, can be contacted by calling (800) 638-
Vanderbilt University has a Television News Archive which has taped the
big three's network nightly news since August 5, 1968, as well as every
CNN evening broadcast since 1989.  Copies of videotapes from the
Archive's collection are loaned to individuals throughout the world for
reference, study, classroom instruction, and research.  The Archive
produces a monthly publication, "Television News Index and Abstracts,"
that is a guide to the collection. To access this information, gopher to or through (following the
same pathway instructions listed at the beginning of this document). The
Television News Archive, Vanderbilt University, 110 21st Ave S, Suite
704, Nashville, TN  37203; phone (615) 322-2927.
Video Monitoring Service, (212) 613-2121, records everything from
selected TV networks and keeps it for thirty days. Some network shows
are available only from this service.
National Public Radio in Washington DC can be reached at (202) 822-
2323 between 10am-5pm for audience information.
American Indian Television Network, P O Box 58, Brandywine MD
BBC/ Lionheart, 630 Fifth Ave, Ste 2220, New York NY  10111; phone
        (212) 373-4000 or fax (212) 956-2399.  Dianne Busby is the
        manager for educational sales. Kirsten Lambertson at (212) 373-
        4135 handles educational rights.
Belisarius Productions, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City CA
        91608; phone (818) 777-3381.
Columbia, Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City CA  90232.
Columbia Pictures Television, 1438 N Gower St, Los Angeles CA
        90028-8394.; phone (213) 460-7200.
Culver Studios, 9336 W Washington Blvd, Bldg C, Room 209, Culver City
        CA  90232.
Harpo Productions, (Oprah Winfrey's production company) phone (312)
Lorimar Television, 10202 W Washington Blvd, Culver City CA  90232.
MGM Studios, 10000 W Washington Blvd, Culver City CA  90232; phone
        (310) 280-6000.
MTM Productions, 4024 Radford Ave, Studio City CA  91604; phone
        (818) 760-5000.
NBC-TV, 3000 W Alameda Ave, Burbank CA  91523.
Paramount Pictures, 5555 Melrose Ave, Hollywood CA  90038.
Touchstone Television, 500 S Buena Vista Blvd, Burbank CA  91521.
Turner Pictures, 1888 Century Park East, Los Angeles CA  90067.
20th Century-Fox, Box 900, Beverly Hills CA  90213.
Universal Studios, Universal City CA  91608.
Warner Brothers, 4000 Warner Blvd, Burbank CA  91522; phone (818)
Ambrose Video Publishing, Dept 392SS, 1290 Avenue of the Americas,
        New York NY  10104; phone (800) 526-4663 or fax (212) 265-
*Columbia House Video, 1400 N Fruitledge Ave, Terre Haute IN  47804;
        phone (800) 733-9600.
*Critic's Choice Video, P O Box 749, Itasca IL 60143; telephone inquiries
        (800) 544-9852; orders to (800) 367-7765 or fax (708) 775-3355.
Journal Graphics, 1535 Grant St, Denver CO  80203; phone (800) 825-
*Time-Life Video, 1450 E Parham Rd, Richmond VA  23280; phone (804)
        266-6330. Toll-free numbers vary for television ads.
The Video Catalog, P O Box 64267, St Paul MN  55164-0428; phone
        (800) 733-2232 or fax (612) 659-4320.
Viewfinders, Inc., P O Box 1665, Evanston IL  60204-1665; phone (800)
        342-3342 or fax (708) 869-1710.
*NOTE:  Columbia House, Critic's Choice, and Time-Life all carry a
number of old network television series on video.
Some good sources for determining whether or not a made-for-TV movie
was released on video are:
_Bowker's Complete Video Directory 1993_. New Providence, N.J.: R.R.
        Bowker, 1993.
Furtaw, Julia C., ed.  _The Video Source Book 1994_. 15th ed.  Detroit:
        Gale Research Inc., 1993.
Maltin, Leonard, ed. _Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide_. 1994
        ed. New York: Penguin Books, 1993.
Martin, Mick and Porter, Marsha. _Video Movie Guide_. 1994 ed. New
        York: Ballentine Books, 1993.
AUSTRALIAN FILM INSTITUTE, 49 Eastern Rd, South Melbourne,
        Victoria 3205, Australia; fax 66-3-696-7972.
        20091-0641; phone (202) 393-7427; fax (202) 393-7434.  A free
        monthly program guide, "Ihre Welle TV," will be sent to you by
        writing to Deutsche Welle, Horerpost, P O Box 100444, D-5000
        Koln 1  (West) Germany.  Phone number there is 011-49-221-
INTERNATIONAL CHANNEL, 12401 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles CA
        90064; phone (213) 826-2429 or fax (213) 447-7916.
SCOLA, P O Box 619, McClelland IA  51548-0619; phone (712) 566-
        2202 or fax (712) 566-2502.
        New York NY  10036; phone (212) 502-1300.
"Barney & Friends" videos, call (800) 634-3500 or write to Barney
        Videos, P O Box 11066, Chicago IL  60611.
"Family First" is a free video available from the Church of Jesus Christ of
        Latter Day Saints, call (800) 554-4242.
"Hooked on Phonics" audiotapes, phone (800) 222-3334.  Cost is $199.
"The Human Calculator," P O Box 4823, Syracuse NY  13221; $19.95 for
        one video.
"Muzzy" (video foreign language instruction for kids), Early Advantage,
        47 Richards Ave, Norwalk CT  06854; phone (800) 720-0200.
        Cost is $166.50.  Languages available are French, Spanish,
        Italian, and German.
National Dynamics audiotapes for learning languages ("If you can spell
        S-O-C-K-S, you can speak Spanish!"); phone (800) 545-1985.
        Twenty languages are available.  A full set of 24 audiocassettes is
Time-Life series which are advertised on TV are often distributed by
        Ambrose Video Publishing, Dept 392SS, 1290 Avenue of the
        Americas, New York NY  10104; phone (800) 526-4663 or fax
        (212) 265-8088.
"Where There's a Will, There's an A," Publisher's Choice, Box 4164,
        Dept. HA01-PE, Huntington Station NY  11746; phone (800)
        247-6800 or (800) 626-7700.  Price is $89.95 for two VHS tapes or
        $59.95 for four audiotapes.
"You Can Read!" videotapes, call (800) 531-READ or (800) 468-7323.
        Price is $129.
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