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July 1994


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james s keyrissg <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 6 Jul 1994 00:37:23 -0600
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Well, I guess you told me.  I'll just have to put my statistics in the
trashcan and pray at the altar of your research. How does my "research"
and I have done some, I'm afraid, jibe with yours. Well, it
doesn't...and that doesn't amaze me. Facts are stupid things, aren't
they? You live in your reality, and I'll see mine, and I think you
really should do some work at a domestic violence shelter, and then go
back to your work at the Heritage Foundation.
> > On Tue, 5 Jul 1994, John G. Thomas wrote:
> >
> > >
> > > I'd like to have some comments about the over-board message we
> > > ALL get that men are bad, evil, etc. The fact that 52% of all spousal
> > > murders are committed by by women should get some play for a change. Why
> > > does TV seem compelled to present such a one-sided view? I suspect its
> > > ratings, but it is unfortunate none-the-less.
> > >
> > Of course, somewhere around 90% of spousal physical abuse is done by
> > men.
> Interesting that you start your sentence with "Of course...".
> Unlike you, I've spent some time researching the issue and I don't enjoy
> just spouting back everything I hear without checking it out.
> I think your 52% figure, why true, I DON'T KNOW, is a bit like male
> > concern about being raped by a woman. It's a myth.
> Sorry, it's not a MYTH. Does that bother you? I suppose if I
> quoted you the FACTS for a change, you still wouldn't change your mind.
> But on the outside chance that you're still abit open minded, here's a
> few to put in your pC pipe and smoke:
I had to stop smoking from my PC pipe, it's bad for the environment, you
> "Half of all spousal murders(52% to be exact)are committed by
> wives, a statistic that has been stable over time."
> Natl. Institutes of Health
> "Women and men physically abuse one another in roughly equal
> numbers. Wives reported that they were more often the aggressors. Using
> weapons to make up for physical disadvantage, they were not just fighting
> back."
> The National Family Violence Survey
> (Natl. Institute of Mental Health)
> "While 1.8 million women annually suffered one or more assaults
> from a husband or boyfriend, 2 million men were assualted by a wife or
> girlfriend."
> The Journal of Marriage and Family
> "Among teenagers who date, girls were more violent, more
> frequently than boys."
> Journal for the Natl Assn. of Social Workers
> "Mothers abuse their children at a rate approaching twice that of
> fathers."
> California Child Protective Service Agency
> Now. If you think the way I THINK you'll think, I suppose you'll
> stick to your previous statements anyhow. See, sometimes even the truth
> isn't good enough.
> >
> > ...why do you think the women murder the men ANYWAY???
> Don't know...suppose you'd have to ask them! (Very carefully!)
> But, please, PLEASE, don't give me the "But look what the men did to the
> women to make them do it" argument. The BS on this screen is too thick
> already!
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> ("Used Cars")
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