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July 1994


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Denise Bryson <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 20 Jul 1994 08:24:51 CDT
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>My question is whether another list exists where overly politically
>correct people, like myself, could hang out and flagellate ourselves and
>others over the role film has in enslaving, diminishing, and perverting
>the human population. Nah, that'd be too boring, even for me.
>How about a list where people just ignore "True Lies" altogether, where
>we can rant and rave about "Go Fish" and "Time Indefinite" and other
>"small" "independent" films?
Some of us out here in the great flyover would, of course, love to be
able to join you in such discussions. Unfortunately, these are
"privileged" films if such things exist: at any given time, the
majority of the US population doesn't have ACCESS to the "small"
"independent" films. The closest "alternative" theatre to this
town is 3 1/2 long hours away. So, for those of us who don't have
unlimited means to compensate for travel, the "mainstream" is all
we have.
Perhaps some of the people in urban areas have smaller film discussion
lists--you know, a New Yorklist, an LA list, something like that?
I'm not being snide, by the way. I used to live a block away from
a 6-plex art film venue, and went out to see each film that parked
there for a week. Unfortunately, all I can see nowadays are those
nasty "mainstream" films, and there may be others out here on the
net in the same predicament.
>This message is not intended to make anybody feel bad for liking "True
>Lies", it is simply saying that their is a paradigmatic
>incommensurability working here that makes dialogue on the subject just
>about impossible. So, let's Balkanize, if we haven't already, and call the
>whole war off.
Wouldn't have felt bad, anyway, but thanks for the nod. Maybe you
COULD set up another list. I'd hate to think that the only films I have
the opportunity to see aren't suitable for discussion. I'm sure others
would also welcome an "alternative" film list, too. Maybe when I
get an academic reprieve and relocate, I could join you all there.
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Denise Bryson, Language and Literature
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