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February 1994


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"Daniel B. Case" <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 6 Feb 1994 22:27:58 -0500
University at Buffalo
Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
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And worse yet, I think, is Spielberg's insistence on making an upbeat movie
in the face of current world politics.
Oh, God forbid that someone should actually make a movie that at least tries
to show people overcoming such horrors! God forbid that people might be given
hope that they can do so! The very idea!
  Do you think anything less is now
occurring in Bosnia?  At least, when Alain Resnais made *Nuit et Brouillard
*--the most powerful of films about the Holocaust, especially because it is
a documentary and doesn't allow us to construct some fictional alternative,
like *The Diary of Anne Frank* and *The Sound of Music* and *Schindler's
List*--he had the courage to draw parallels with the then-current situation
in Algeria.  With all the money that Stephen Spielberg has made making
movies, you would think that he might have had the courage to at least
point out that the same situation is now happening in the Balkans--the
systematic killing of certain minorities.
Perhaps he would have, if you'd called him up ahead of time and told him that
you were going to be seeing the movie and could he please draw some parallels
so you'd like it more. While what goes on in Bosnia is indeed horrible and
tragic, "Schindler's List" (which-full disclosure-I haven't been able to see
yet) was written when Yugoslavia was still one country and had about as much
to do with the Bosnian situation as my trip to the supermarket this afternoon
Has it escaped your attention that "Schindler's List", unlike "Nuit et
Brouillard" was not a documentary, and thus has different artistic imperatives
that may not be easily adapatable to different situations.
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