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February 1993


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Wed, 10 Feb 1993 01:08:24 MST
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> Please bear with me this is my first try at putting my own "2 cents" worth
> to the discussion group.  I am curious as to if anyone has seen Cyberpunk
> and what their views on it are.  After viewing the movie I felt it takes
I liked it alot. I assume you speak of the one will ol' Bill Gibson and
Jaron Lanier about the Cyberpunk "movement," n'est pas? If so then I
thought is wuz a fascinating look at the whole ideal, especially for
anyone who knowz nothing about it. It coverz alot in the short period
of the documentary. Only problem I really had with it wuz that long
boring rant that doctor went on about the limb replacement. I think his
whole schpiel wuz waaaay too long and pretty much not needed. Az a whole
I think if you know nothing about Cyberpunk and have a remote interest
in it, or even just wanna see something interesting, check it out.
> ethics issues.  What should a person be able to access?  What is considered
> a crime; if a hacker just views the files or when they steal them?  I am
> a student at St Catherine's in Minnesota.  This is one of the movie's that
> we had to view for the class.  Each movie we are asked to view leads to
> some discussion of technology and ethics issues.  The movie's seem to look
> at the past and future.  If any one would like to personally respond to me
> I am Debbie Persing at  [log in to unmask]
There's a great discussion group on the net for such things. It's called
the future-culture list. I highly recommend it for discussions on all
these ascpects. To subscribe, send a message to :
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with "subscribe realtime" to get messagesas they come in OR
"subscribe digest" to get it in digest form.
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