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Sun, 14 Feb 1993 18:28:07 EST
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The GLBO-Centered Film List
compiled by Frank Swilling
***** GLBO-Centered Domestic Documentaries *****
Alternative Conceptions - 1985 (Lesbian: Documentary concerning artificial
        insemination for lesbians.)
American Fabulous - 1990 (Gay - 103 minutes of a gay man named Jeffrey
        Strouth, who recently died of AIDS, sitting in the back seat of an
        old car telling boring stories about his life.)
Before Stonewall - 1984 (GLBO - Documentary: Gay and lesbian culture before
        the Stonewall uprising.)
A Bigger Splash - 1974 (Gay - Documentary: 4 years with David Hockney and
A Celebration of Lesbian and Gay Life and Love - 1990 (Gay/Lesbian - Music
        Video celebrating the ubiquity and strength of the gay and lesbian
Choosing Children - 1985 (Lesbian - Documentary concerning the issues
        surrounding lesbians who became parents after coming out.)
Common Threads - Stories From the Quilt - 1991 (Gay/Bisexual - Several random
        stories of people represented by squares on the AIDS memorial quilt.)
A Conversation with Brian McNaught on Being Gay [On Being Gay] - 1986 (Gay -
        Documentary:  Activist, lecturer counselor, and author McNaught
        discusses being gay in a straight world.)
Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon - 1975 (Lesbian - Documentary wherein the
        founders of "The Daughters of Bilitis" speak their minds.)
Dry Kisses Only - 1990 (Lesbian - Documentary: Lesbian subtexts of Hollywood
        movies are revealed through inventive editing, hilarious commentaries
        and interviews.)
The Families We Choose - 1985 (Lesbian - Documentary: 4 lesbian families and
        other women talk about their lives.)
For Love and For Life: The 1987 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay
        Rights - 1988 (GLBO - Documents the March on Washington.)
Framing Lesbian Fashion - 1992 (Lesbian - A look at the evolution of lesbian
        attire and identity, featuring interviews with Sally Gearhart, JoAnn
        Loulan, Arlene Stein, Kitty Tsui, and others.)
Gay for a Day/Costumes on Review - 1976 (GLBO - "Gay for a Day" documents the
        1976 Gay Pride Parade, & Costumes on Review" is a funny look at a gay
        Halloween party.)
Gay Games II: Highlights - 1986 (GLBO - Documentary)
Gay Games II: Women's Physique - 1986 (Lesbian - Documentary of the women's
        bodybuilding competition.)
Gay, Proud, and Sober - 1978 (Gay - Documentary about alcoholism and its
        treatment in the gay community.)
Gay Voices, Gay Legends - 1988 (Gay - Famous and lesser known gay men talk
        about their lives.)
Gay Youth - 1992 (Gay/Lesbian - The stories of two teens: Bobby Griffith,
        who killed himself at the age of twenty, and Gina Gutierrez, a
        17-year-old high school senior who received acceptance and support
        for her sexual identity.)
Greetings from Washington, D.C. - 1981 (GLBO - Documentary about the 1987
        March on Washington.)
The Historic March on Washington: The Largest Gay Rights Demonstration
        Ever - 1987 (GLBO - Documentary about the March on Washington.)
Honored by the Moon - 1990 (Gay/Lesbian - Documentary about homosexuality
        among Native Americans.)
If She Grows up Gay - 1983 (Lesbian - Documentary about the life of a
        19-year-old black lesbian who talks her pregnancy and about raising
        her daughter with her new lover.)
In the Best Interests of the Children - 1977 (Lesbian - Documentary with
        8 diverse lesbian mothers talking about parenting and child custody.
        Also gives the children's views.)
Just Because of Who We Are - 1986 (Lesbian - Documentary about physical
        and psychological violence and harassment directed against lesbians.)
Kim - 1988 (Lesbian - Documentary about the coming out process of a young
        Puerto Rican lesbian in New York.)
Labor More Than Once - 1983 (Lesbian - Documentary about Marianne MacQueen,
        a lesbian mother who's trying to regain custody of her son.)
Last Call at Maud's - 1992 (Lesbian - Billed as a "work-in-progress", this
        film focuses on the closing of the world's oldest lesbian bar in the
        world, Maud's in San Francisco.  Tracking lesbian history from the
        WWII lesbian bar scene, to the boirth of The Daughters of Bilitis, to
        the closing of Amelia's in 1991, Last Call at Maud's documents the
        lives and histories of some of the major figures in San Francisco's
        lesbian community.)
Lesbian Mothers - 1979 (Lesbian - Documentary about the social stigma of
        lesbian motherhood.)
Lesbian Tongues - 1989 (Lesbian - Documentary: Prominent lesbians talk about
        love, sex, and coming out.)
Lifetime Commitment: A Portrait of Karen Thompson - 1988 (Lesbian -
        Documentary about the legal struggles between Ms. Thompson and her
        lover's family over visitation rights after Sharon Kowalski is
        critically injured in a 1983 auto accident.)
Males Couples: How Relationships Develop - 1985 (Gay - Documentary:
        discussion of the stages of a male couple's relationship, using
        dramatized vignettes of a male couple's life.)
The Male Escorts of San Francisco - 1992 (Gay - Thoughtful, unsensational,
        this tape answers almost all the questions you might ever have about
        male escorts.)
Meet Bradley Harrison Picklesimer- 1987 (Gay Transvestite - Documentary:
        The profile of a Kentucky drag queen.)
Nitrate Kisses - 1992 (GLBO - Lesbian filmmaker Barbara Hammer's "experi-
        mental" (read:non-traditional filmic styles) film explores the history
        of lesbian and gay culture.  Part oral history, part collage, part
        film montage, the film might sometimes get unwieldy, but it remains
        interesting throughout.)
No Need to Repent: The Ballad of Rev. Jan Griesinger - 1989 (Lesbian -
        Documentary: Reverend Jan Griesinger is an "out" minister in the
        United Church of Christ who has integrated her ministry, her politics
        and her personal life.  The story of a courageous contemporary
        feminist, this film reveals some of the many levels of her activism.)
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien - 1992 (Gay - Through music, poetry, and, at times,
        chilling self-disclosure, five serio-positive black gay men speak of
        their individual confrontation with AIDS.)
Not All Parents are Straight - 198? (Gay/Lesbian - Documents parent-child
        relationships in several gay or lesbian-parent households.)
Paris Is Burning - 1991 (GLBO - A look at the drag balls of Harlem and
        interviews with some of people who enter them, in which drag of every
        description is featured.)
Part of the U.S.A.: The Official National March on Washington for Lesbian
        and Gay Rights Video - 1987 (GLBO - The only video endorsed by the
        organizers of the event.)
Pink Triangles: A Study of Prejudice against Lesbians and Gay Men - 1982
        (Gay/Lesbian - Historical view of homophobia from the Nazi era
        through the present.)
Portrait of Jason - 1967 (Gay - Interview with hustler Jason Holliday.)
Pride - 1989 (Gay/Lesbian - ACT-UP New York's DIVA TV [Damned Interfering
        Video Activists] celebrates events of Lesbian and Gay Pride Weekend
Pride and Prejudice - 1992 (Gay - A primer about homophobia, the closet,
        and coming out today - nicely spliced together with visual jokes and
        in-the-know references.)
The Queen - 1968 (Gay Transvestite - Outlandish documentary of the 1967
        Drag Miss All American Beauty Queen Contest.)
Ray Navarro Memorial Tape - 1990 (Gay: A tribute to the AIDS activist and
        videomaker, who died while making a work about Latino gay male assimi-
        lation into white gay culture.)
Rights and Reactions: Lesbian and Gay Rights on Trial - 1988 (Gay/Lesbian -
        Documents the passage of the 1986 Gay and Lesbian Rights bill in N.Y.)
The Salt Mines - 1990, (Transvestite - A group of homeless, urban, Hispanic
        drag queen prostitutes on crack live in a junk yard in a secluded
        area alongside the Hudson River known as the Salt Mines.  Powerful
        and grim.)
Silent Pioneers - 1984 (Gay/Lesbian - Interviews and profiles of six gay
        and lesbian senior citizens.  Also examines services available to gay
        seniors around the U.S.)
The Sluts and Goddesses Video Workshop, or How To Be A Sex Goddess In 101
        Easy Steps - 1992 (Lesbian - Learn how to have more sensual and sexual
        pleasure in your life.  Follow along as Annie Sprinkle catalogs the joys
        of sex, along with her "Transformation Facilitators", which include
        Diviana Ingravallo, Jocelyn Taylor, and Carol [Scarlot Harlot] Leigh.)
Sonia Johnson: Going Farther Out of Our Minds - 198? (Lesbian - Author
        Sonia Johnson explores how women can leave patriarchy behind and
        begin living in a new world right now.)
The Times of Harvey Milk - 1984 (Gay - The life and death, by assassination,
        of San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk.)
Tiny and Ruby: Hell Divin' Women - 1988 (Lesbian - Biography of jazz
        trumpeter Ernestine "Tiny" Davis and her lover/partner of over 40
        years, drummer Ruby Lucas, aka Renee Phelan.)
Tongues Untied - 1989 (Gay - Documentary using poetry, rap, interviews and
        dramatic situations to express the oppression faced by black gay men
        in America today.)
Voices of Life - 1991 (Gay - A clever deconstruction of conventional AIDS
        documentaries, which alerts us to how appearances can be deceiving.)
War on Lesbians - 1992 (Lesbian - Drawing on various pop culture conventions
        and referents, director Jane Cottis poses as a gallery of characters
        and incorporates the subject of lesbianism into every imaginable
We Are Ourselves - 1976 (Lesbian - Tee A. Corinne and Honey Lee Cottrell
        discuss their relationship and sexual orientation.  Explicit sex
        scenes show them making love.)
We Are Family - 1987 (Gay/Lesbian - Examines daily life of parents and
        children in gay and lesbian families.)
Who Happen to Be Gay - 1979 (Gay - 6 openly gay professional men talk about
        their lifestyle and its impact on them, family, friends, and
Wild Life - 1985 (Gay - Examines the social milieu of two 15-year-old Latinos
        in L.A., mixing documentary-style interviews with vignettes about their
        fantasy lives.)
A Woman's Place Is in the House - 1976 (Lesbian - Portrait of Elaine Noble,
        first woman and self-avowed lesbian elected to the Massachusetts
World of Light: A Portrait of May Sarton - 1979 (Lesbian - Interviews with
        and readings from the works of 70-year-old author May Sarton.)
Word Is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives - Conversations with 16 Gay Men
        and Women - 1977 (Gay/Lesbian - Interviews gays and lesbians from
        different backgrounds and discusses how they deal with their sexuality
        and with society's attitude towards them.)
You Can Fight City Hall - 1986 (GLBO - Details the struggle of the Columbus,
        Ohio gay community to add the words "sexual orientation to existing
        job protection legislation.)
***** GLBO-Centered Foreign Documentaries *****
Absence of Us - 1986, Canada (Lesbian - Examines the public and private
        realities of being a lesbian in Canada today.)
All Out Dancing in Dulais - 198?, Great Britain (Gay/Lesbian - Recounts
        the formation of an unusual alliance between a group of young gays
        and lesbians from London and a group of miners from Wales during a
        Welsh miner's strike in 1984-85.)
Armisted Maupin is a Man I Dreamed Up - 1992 (Gay - A Made-for-BBC look
        at San Francisco, and the man whose "Tales of the City" series have
        inspired thousands to move there.)
Army of Lovers, or Revolt of the Perverts - 1978, West Germany (Gay - Rosa
        von Praunheim's highly subjective, heavy-handed view of the gay movement
        in America, telling its story through a series of interviews
        with newsreel footage, still photo montages, snippets of marches and
        rallies, and agitprop gay theatre.)
Bright Eyes - 1986, Great Britain (Made-for-British-TV 3-part video which
        examines the historical and social factors influencing current reactions
        to homosexuality and AIDS.)
Corps de Parole - 1989, Canada (Lesbian - Documentary centering on French
        writer Michele Causse.)
Cover Comrades in Arms - 1990, Great Britain (Gay/Lesbian - Documentary: Six
        lesbians and gay men recall living, loving and serving in the British
        armed services in World War II.)
Daddy and the Muscle Academy - 1992, Finland (Gay - Combines interview
        material with Tom of Finland, and hundreds of his drawings, with
        testifying "Tom's men", from Drummer Daddies to fellow artists.  This
        controversial film also includes some steamy invented sequences - a
        sort of "journey to the center of Tom's psyche".)
Derek Jarman, Know What I Mean - 1988, Great Britain (Gay - An overview of
        the controversial artist's life and work.)
Desire - 1989, Great Britain (Gay - A view of gay life in Germany before the
Every Conceivable Position: Inside Gay Porn - 1992, Great Britain (Gay/
        Lesbian: A fresh and thoughtful look at the modern gay and lesbian
        porn industry, including behind-the-scenes interviews with stars,
        producers, and commentators.  This documentary was commissioned by
        the BBC, who allowed the filmmakers to include clips, so long as
        genitals weren't visible.)
Eunuchs: India's Third Gender - 1991, Great Britain (Gay - A made-for-BBC
        look at some of the more than half a million eunuchs - or hijiras -
        in India today.  This film captures the pleasures and contradictions
        of a living alternative to Western ideas about gender.)
Flesh & Paper - 1990, Great Britain (Lesbian - Documentary: The life and
        writings of the lesbian writer and poet Suniti Namjoshi who is from
        an Indian royal family and resides in England.  Includes interviews
        with her friends and with the young Indian women who take her as a
        role model.)
Flowing Hearts: Thailand Fights AIDS - 1992 (The White Line Dance Troupe
        uses Thai and modern dance to enact AIDS awareness.  Thai gay/AIDS
        activists are interviewed.)
Framed Youth - 198?, Great Britain (British teens confront straights in
        London about their views on homosexuality with amusing, revealing,
In the Out Tray - 198?, Great Britain (Gay/Lesbian - Examines the issue of
        lesbian and gay employment rights.)
Handel und Wandel - 1983, West Germany (Lesbian - Loving docudrama about the
        filmmaker's girlfriend, a vital, energetic lesbian.)
Improper Conduct [Mauvaise Conduite] - 1984, France (Gay - Documents all
        persecution in Castro's Cuba, including that of gays.)
A Kind of Family - 1992, Canada (Gay:  Documentary profiling the relationship
        and family life of a gay city counselor and his street kid foster son.)
Legal Memory - 1992, Canada (Gay: Plodding but still interesting docu-drama
        about the last man hanged in British Columbia, for the 1958 murder of
        his sailor boyfriend.)
Lesbians Against the Right - 1981, Canada (Lesbian - Addresses the attempts
        by the New Right to blame society's ills on gays, immigrants, and
        the women's movement.)
Looking for Langston - 1988, Great Britain (Gay - Documents the life and
        times of gay black poet Langston Hughes.)
Macho Dancer - 19??, The Philippines (Gay - Documentary: About the lives of
        boy prostitutes in Manila.)
The Making of "Monsters" - 1991, Canada (Gay - George Lukacs is a Marxist
        literary critic and has made films such as Star Wars, about American
        Imperialism in the space age.  Berthold Brecht is a catfish and
        renowned playwright. They team up to film the musical "Monsters",
        about 4 Toronto schoolboys who killed a gay highschool teacher.
        Indescribable, absurd, and hilarious.)
Memoire de notre hystoire 1972-1987 - 1987, Canada (Lesbian - Depicts lesbian
        history in Canada through the years 1972-1987 as seen by two lesbian
Michael, A Gay Son - 1981, Canada (Gay - Explores the feelings and
        experiences of gays coming out to their families by following one
        man through the process.)
Minoru and Me - 1992, Great Britain (A brutally honest real-life-while-it-
        happens drama of a man with cerebral palsy trying to come out to the
        filmmaker, his friend.  As the filmmaker becomes increasing obsessed
        with portraying the physically challenged man as disabled and dependent,
        the man with cerebral palsy becomes increasingly disgusted and unable to
        state what he's traveled all the way from Japan to say.)
Montgomery Clift - 1985, Italy (Gay - Biography which deals extensively with
        the actor's homosexuality.)
Over Our Dead Bodies - 1991, Great Britain (GLBO: Documentary examining the
        direct action gay movement, including ACT-UP, Queer Nation and OUTrage
        in the United States and the United Kingdom).
A Place of Rage - 1991, Great Britain (Lesbian - documentary: Lesbian
        filmmaker Pratibha Parmar directs this tribute and celebration of
        African-American women and their accomplishments.)
Positive - 198?, West Germany, USA (Gay/Lesbian - A documentary about the
        rise of the AIDS activist movement in the US. The focus is on New York
        City.  Footage of GMHC, ACT-UP etc.)
Prison for Women [P4W, Pan Canadian Prison for Women] - 1981, Canada
        (Lesbian - A film about a woman's prison in which lesbians, among
        others, are jailed.)
Saturday Night Out:  the Gay Rock'n Roll Years, 1954-1991 -  1992, Great
        Britain  (GLBO: A history of the gay/lesbian movement from 1954-1991
        as seen from clips from the BBC archives and set to the rock'n roll
        music of those years.)
Sharing the Secret - 1981, Canada (Gay - The lives and feelings of several
        gay men are explored as they go through their day to day lives.)
Silence=Death - 198?, West Germany,USA (Gay/Lesbian - A documentary about
        several New York-based performance artists, including Diamanda Galas,
        David Wojnarowicz, and Emilio Cubeiro, whose work discusses issues
        related to AIDS.)
Susana - 1980, Argentina, United States (Lesbian - Autobiographical sketch
        of a young Argentine lesbian who has to deal with her family's
        disapproval as well as her emerging lesbian identity.)
That's Masculinity - 1991, Great Britain (Gay - Documentary: Campy and
        erotic answers to the ever pervasive questions about sex and gender.)
Trojans - 1990, Great Britain (Gay - Documentary: A look at nineteenth
        century Greek poet Constantine Cavafy, whose work is loaded with
        homoeroticism and motifs from Greek history.  The film reflects the
        same heady ambience using sexy Derek Jarmanesque super-8 visuals and
        the poet's work on the soundtrack.)
Veronica 4 Rose - 1985, Great Britain (Lesbian - Made-for-British-TV
        documentary about teenage lesbians growing up in several diverse
        English cities.)
We've Been Framed - 1991, Great Britain (Lesbian - Documentary: Lesbians
        talk about the best, worst, and first lesbian film they've seen.)
What Shall We Do Without Death - 1980, West Germany (Lesbian - A female
        couple who have vowed to spend the rest of their lives together are
        the focus of this film about a retirement home in Hamburg.)
Whoever Says the Truth Shall Die - 1981, Netherlands (Gay - Made-for-Dutch-TV
        film about the life and murder of filmmaker/poet Pier Paolo Pasolini.)
Witches, Dykes, Faggots, and Poofters - 1979, Australia (Gay/Lesbian -
        Documents the oppression of gays and lesbians throughout history,
        focussing on Sydney and New South Wales.)
A Woman of My Platoon - 1989, Canada (Lesbian - Juxtaposes the experiences
        of lesbians serving in the Canadian armed services during WWII
        against a modern debate in the Canadian parliament concerning a
        bill which would prevent discrimination against lesbians and gays
        in the armed services.)
***** Gay-Centered Domestic Films *****
Abuse - 1983 (Gay - Drama: A young boy, abused at home, finds love with a
        gay filmmaker.)
As Is - 1986 (Gay - Drama: A man who has contracted AIDS from a lover who
        then abandoned him moves in with his caring ex-lover.)
The Boys in the Band - 1970 (Gay - Drama: The first Hollywood movie to
        feature male homosexuality, in which a straight man is the accidental
        guest at a birthday party with one of each of the major gay male
        subgroups except for leather.)
Buddies - 1985 (Gay - Drama: A gay activist who has AIDS starts out hating
        the yuppie volunteer who comes to take care of him out of a sense of
        duty, but their brief relationship is both poignant and intense.)
The Christine Jorgensen Story - 1970 (Transsexual - Biography: the world's
        most famous male-to-female sex change story.)
Citizen Cohn - 1992 (Gay - Biographical Drama: Made-for-HBO movie about
        infamous lawyer Roy Cohn, a Jew who prosecuted the Rosenbergs, a
        queer-hating homosexual who was the prime shaker behind Senator Joe
        McCarthy's anti-ommunist & homosexual witch-hunt in the 1950's.
        Includes such delightful scenes as Cohn being entertained after
        dinner at J. Edgar Hoover's home by Hoover's true love, Deputy FBI
        Director Clyde Tolson, at the piano, and a restaurant scene with
        Cohn eating from the plate of one the other most influential right-
        wing closet-cases of the day: renowned chicken-hawk Francis Cardinal
Consenting Adult - 1985 (Gay - Drama: Made-for-TV movie about a teenage boy
        who comes out to his parents.  Mom eventually comes around, but Dad
        would rather die, and does.)
Cruising - 1980 (Gay - Drama: Extremely negative film about gay murders and
        the undercover cop trying to solve them, but who turns into a killer
        faggot himself from exposure to the New York leather scene.)
The Disco Years - 1992 (Gay - Drama: Set in the times of pet rocks, gas lines,
        and macrame, a high school student's sexual passions are stirred in his
        gym class.)
Dog Day Afternoon - 1975 (Gay - Drama/Biography: Gay man robs bank to pay
        for his male lover's sex-change operation.)
Doing Time on Maple Drive - 1992 (Gay - Drama: A teenager comes to grips with
        his gay identity and tries to come out to his dysfunctional suburban
        family in this made-for-TV movie.)
Drum - 1976 (Gay - Drama: A white plantation owner and his gay pal rape black
An Early Frost - 1985 (Gay - Drama: Made-for-TV movie about a family having
        to deal with their son's AIDS.)
Fortune and Men's Eyes - 1971 (Gay - Drama: A tough, tragic story involving
        violence, sex roles, and epic bitchiness in a men's prison.)
Fun Down There - 1988 (Gay - Drama: The life and loves of a guy who leaves
        his home in upstate New York for Manhattan.)
The Genesis Children - 1972, USA, Italy (Gay? - Drama: A joyous celebration
        of innocent youths on a journey of self-discovery.  Controversial even
        today because of its uninhibited naturist sentiments.)
Horror Vacuii - 1984 (Gay - Drama: A gay man tries to save his lover from a
        religious cult.)
Kiss of the Spider Woman - 1985 (Gay Transvestite - Drama: A gay prisoner
        falls in love with the revolutionary he's supposed to be spying on
        for the prison authorities.)
The Living End - 1991 (Gay - Drama: Two fatalistic L.A. boys - one an
        impulsive, on-the-edge psycho cutie, the other a lover of Godard
        movies who listens to the Smiths a lot - discover they're HIV
        positive and set off on an unplanned, unhinged cross-country spree
        of violence and abandon.)
Longtime Companion - 1990 (Gay - Drama: In 1970s New York, a bunch of gay
        friends are having wonderful lives, until one by one, most of them
        start getting sick with AIDS.)
Making Love - 1982 (Bisexual/Gay - Drama: A handsome young doctor leaves his
        beautiful young wife for a handsome young writer.)
Mala Noche - 1985 (Gay - Drama: A well-adjusted young gay grocery clerk falls
        in love with a 16-year-old Mexican illegal alien who doesn't return
        his feelings.)
Mountains of the Moon - 1990 (Gay - Biographical Drama: Epic about explorers
        Richard Burton and John Hanning Speke.  The film makes it quite clear
        that Speke is homosexual, and, in fact quite taken with Burton.  This
        storyline is not the main thrust of the film however.)
My Own Private Idaho - 1991 (Gay - Drama: A narcoleptic hustler looking for
        some love in his life and a bisexual hustler who'd do anything to
        outrage his father go on a search for their own identities.)
Nocturne - 1989 (Gay - Drama: Mark Harris's contemplative coming of age story
        about Martin, a shy pianist new to New York, who meets the handsome
        Gino.  Martin thinks he's found his match, but Gino only wants a
        casual sexual liaison.  As Martin slides into obsession he is forced
        to deal with a terrible secret from his past.)
Norman, Is That You? - 1976  (Gay - Comedy: A butch gay black youth is in
        love with a nelly white youth, and his parents are both about to have
        a heart attack over it.)
Parting Glances - 1986 (Gay - Drama: Lovers find their relationship is
        falling apart because one is getting ready to take a job in Africa;
        the other has to also cope with his ex-lover and dear friend, who
        has contracted the AIDS virus.)
Partners - 1982 (Gay - Comedy: Insulting, homophobic, and crude story of a
        straight cop posing as a gay man along with a real gay man in order
        to solve some murders in the gay community.)
Pink Narcissus - 1970 (Gay - Drama: Caballeros and bike boys, striptease
        and tearoom sex.  This film delves beneath the surface of gay sex
Rock Hudson's Home Movies - 1992 (Gay - Comic pseudo-documentary: A Rock
        Hudson look-alike impersonates the star as he takes us through an
        array of cleverly-edited clips of Hudson's films and confesses to
        all the homosexual connotations.)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - 1975 (Gay Transvestite - Horror/Comedy/
        Musical: An innocent young couple take refuge in the castle of
        Dr. Frank 'n' Furter, that sweet transvestite from Transsexual,
The Sergeant - 1968 (Gay - Drama: A deeply repressed Sergeant Major falls in
        love with a company clerk, and is unable to deal with his homosexual
Sergeant Matlovich vs. U.S. Air Force - 1978 (Gay - Drama: Made-for-TV movie
        about Matlovich's fight to stay in the Air Force despite his revealed
Some of My Best Friends Are... [The Bar] - 1971 (Gay - Drama: One night in
        the life of a pre-Stonewall bar in Greenwich Village.)
Swoon - 1991 (Gay - Drama: A reexamination of the infamous Leopold and Loeb
        murder case, focusing on their homosexuality and its relevance to
        their crime.)
That Certain Summer - 1973 (Gay - Drama: Made-for-TV movie about a father
        trying to establish a relationship with his son after leaving the
        boy's mother for another man.)
Tidy Endings - 1988 (Gay - Drama: Made-for-TV movie about the aftermath of
        a man dying of AIDS: his male lover and his ex-wife have to come to
        legal and emotional terms.)
Thundercrack - 1976 (GLBO - Comedy: A bizarre black comedy wherein the
        visitors to an "old dark house" are terrorized by a bunch of perverts
        who sexually assault them.)
Torch Song Trilogy - 1988 (Gay/Gay Transvestite - Comedy/Drama: Harvey
        Fierstein wrote and stars as a professional drag queen looking for
        love and respect all through the '70s in New York.)
A Very Natural Thing - 1973 (Gay - Drama: This film tries to explore gay male
        relationships first from the point of view of trying to maintain a
        monogamous relationship and when that fails, from the POV of having
        a lot of empty, meaningless sex.)
Victor, Victoria - 1982 (Gay - Comedy: Female to male cross-dressing is
        featured in this farce about a woman pretending to be a man
        pretending to be a woman in 1920s Paris, but there's male-to-female
        cross-dressing too.)
***** Gay-Centered Foreign Films *****
The Affairs of Love - 1990, Spain (Gay - Drama: The life of a gay man in the
        1940s and the power of music are the intertwined themes of this film
        which follows the lives of three vaudeville performers; a gay man,
        a straight man, and a straight woman.)
Angel [Angelos] - 1982, Greece (Gay - Biographical Drama: This violent but
        moving account of a handsome young gay man accused of murder is based
        on a true story and contains explicit love scenes.)
Another Country - 1984, Great Britain (Gay - Biographical Drama: Romanticized
        version of the Guy Burgess and Donald MacLean story, in which homo-
        sexual love among upper-crust English schoolboys causes them to grow
        up to be notorious traitors to their country.)
Apartment Zero - 1989, Great Britain/Argentina (Gay/Bisexual - Drama:
        Politics, murder, and sexual repression ignite the screen when a gay
        cinema owner picks a mysterious stranger to be his roommate in Buenos
        Aires.  Lots of sexual tensions develop between the two, but the plot
        centers around the mystery of recent news headlines and the new
        tenant's relationship to them.)
Behind Glass - 1981, Netherlands (Gay - Drama:  Two lovers from different
        backgrounds fight about class, money, education, and sex.)
The Best Way [La Meilleure Facon de Marcher, The Best Way to Walk] - 1982,
        France (Gay Transvestite - Drama: Butch athletic coach scorns the
        advances of the transvestite drama teacher, but an eventual con-
        frontation causes the jock to look at his own suppressed sexuality.)
Beyond Gravity - 1988, New Zealand (Gay - Drama: Flamboyant rebel Johnny
        meets shy glass technician Richard in this offbeat lovestory.)
Black and White [Noir et Blanc] - 1986, France (Gay - Drama: A shy accountant
        gradually enters into a bizarre sado-masochistic relationship with a
        black masseur.)
Blue Jeans - 1982, France (Gay - Drama: A young boy suffers from an
        unrequited love for an older teen.)
La Cage Aux Folles [Birds of a Feather] - 1981, France (Gay/Gay Trans-
        vestite - Comedy: Renato's son is bringing his fiance's conservative
        parents home to meet the family: Renato, his gay father, and Albin,
        Renato's lover, an aging female impersonator who raised the boy as
        "her" son.)
La Cage Aux Folles II - 1983, France (Gay/Gay Transvestite - Comedy: Renato
        sets out to prove to Albin that he still has sex appeal, and they
        accidentally get involved in espionage.)
La Cage Aux Folles III - 1985, France (Gay/Gay Transvestite - Comedy: Albin
        has to get married and father a son within 18 months if he is to
        inherit a family fortune and save his and Renato's nightclub.)
Caravaggio - 1986, Great Britain (Gay - Biographical Drama: Life and times of
        the famous Renaissance painter.)
Caught Looking - 1991, Great Britain (Gay - Comedy: A new virtual reality
        home computer game soon becomes a sex toy for use in gay men's
        stereotypical sexual fantasies.)
The Clinic - 1985, Australia (Gay - Comedy: A gay doctor at an Australian
        VD clinic has to cope with a lot of wild goings on.)
Colonel Redl - 1985, Hungary (Gay - Drama: The head of the Austrian imperial
        secret service gets outed as a homosexual and a spy.)
Coming Out - 1989, East Germany (Gay - Drama: The story of a young school
        teacher who is confronted with his sexuality after a chance encounter
        with an old friend.)
The Consequence - 1977, West Germany (Gay - Drama: The world is unkind to two
        gay lovers.)
Death in Venice [Morte a Venezia] - 1971, Italy (Gay - Drama: In turn-of-the-
        twentieth-century Venice, an aging artist falls obsessively in love
        with a beautiful young boy but never tells him, and ends up dead of
The Deputy [El Diputado, Confessions of a Congressman] - 1983, Spain (Gay -
        Drama: A rising young gay politician is the target of blackmail, and
        gets romantically involved with the hustler his enemies send to do
        the job.)
Different from the Others [Anders als die Anderen] - 1919, Germany (Gay -
        Drama: A silent film about a concert violinist being blackmailed
        because of his sexual orientation.)
Dona Herlinda and Her Son [Dona Herlinda y Su Hijo] - 1985, Mexico (Gay/
        Bisexual - Comedy: A doctor has a male lover, but to please his
        mother, he marries a woman, and everyone ends up living happily
        together under one roof.)
Drifting - 1982, Israel (Gay - Drama: An aspiring Israeli filmmaker works
        in his grandmother's store while dreaming of making gay films.)
Edward II - 1992, Great Britain (Gay - Historical Drama: Derek Jarman
        retells the story of Edward II and his despised low-born lover using
        Christopher Marlowe's language, sparse sets, and modern dress and
Ernesto - 1983, Italy (Gay - Drama: A middle-class Italian Jewish teenager
        has an affair with a dock worker and then falls in love with a fellow
        violin student.)
Forbidden Passion: Oscar Wilde - 1976, Great Britain (Gay - Biography: The
        whole tragic story of the famous wit's life and ruinous love affair
        with Lord Alfred Douglas.)
Forever Mary - 1991, Italy (Gay Transvestite - Drama: A young gay reform
        school student teaches a straight teacher something about dignity.)
The Fourth Man [De Vierde Man] - 1983, Netherlands (Bisexual - Drama: A
        bisexual novelist finds out that the thrice-widowed hairdresser who
        seduces him is engaged to a fourth man, and together the  men
        discover her deadly secret.)
Fox and His Friends - 1975, West Germany (Gay - Drama: A working class gay
        man is victimized for both his sexual and social status.)
Friends Forever - 1986, Denmark (Gay - Drama: A charming, exuberant story of
        friendship and sexuality between three 16-year-old schoolboys.  It's
        sexy, funny, and guiltless.)
The Heart Exposed - 1986, Canada (Gay - Drama: A middle-aged teacher starts a
        relationship with an actor fifteen years younger who also has a young
The Hours and the Times - 1992, Great Britain (Gay - Biographical Drama: This
        is more or less a fantasy dealing with Beatle manager Brian Epstein's
        unrequited love for John Lennon, centering on a week-end they spent
        together in Barcelona.)
It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse But the Society in Which He Lives -
        1971, West Germany (Gay - Drama:  A gay man in the process of coming
        out examines all the options.  Political, dogmatic, and anti-bourgois,
        this film assails media-created romantic illusions, capitalist
        and sexist role playing.)
The Last of England - 19??, Great Britain (Gay - Drama: A post-nuclear
        fantasy about England with many bootboys and other luscious types.)
Law of Desire - 1987, Spain (Gay/Transsexual - Comedy/Drama: Screwball
        tragicomedy centering on a gay film director, his transsexual
        brother [now a sister, who is played by a born-female actress], and
        two of his young lovers.)
Lawrence of Arabia - 1962, Great Britain  (Gay - Biographical Drama:  Epic
        story of T. E. Lawrence, the flamboyant British officer who helped
        to weld together disparate Arab tribes and then led them in
        successful guerrilla warfare against the Turks who were allied with
        the Germans in WWI.  There isn't much overt gay content in this
        film -- Lawrence gets raped by a Turk, and he has a very chummy
        relationship with two Arab boys who attach themselves to him -- but
        historically, Lawrence is said to have been homosexual, and this
        film is a masterpiece, so here it is.)
The Leather Boys - 1964, Great Britain (Bisexual/Gay - Drama: Against his
        better judgment, a gay man marries a girl who is bored with her life.
        The marriage falls apart and the gay man goes to bed with a buddy
        whom he doesn't know is also gay.  Complications ensue.)
The Lost Language of Cranes - 1992, Great Britain (Gay - Drama: A properly
        reserved middle-class British family is thrown into turmoil when the
        son announces he's gay.  Mother doesn't want to know about it, and
        Father starts coming apart because he's been hiding his gay double-
        life for years, and the guilt and self-loathing finally catch up to
        him.  Adapted from David Leavitt's novel about an American family.)
A Man Like Eva [Ein Mann wie Eva] - 1983, Germany (Gay Transvestite: During
        the shooting of a Fassbinder movie, gender-bending star Eva ditches
        an ex-lover, marries the leading lady, and seduces the leading man.)
Maurice - 1987, Great Britain (Gay - Drama: Two upper-crust English boys are
        drawn to one another, but one insists on keeping the relationship
        platonic, while the other one wants someone he can go to bed with.)
My Beautiful Launderette - 1985, Great Britain (Gay - Drama: Race, social
        class, and sex are some of the issues that need to be dealt with
        when a British street punk and a young Pakistani entrepreneur fall
        in love.)
The Naked Civil Servant: The Autobiography of Quentin Crisp - 1975, Great
        Britain (Gay - Biography: Quentin Crisp is *way* ahead of his time
        when he outs himself in a era where ostracism and intolerance were
Night Out - 1989, Australia (Gay - Drama: When Steve leaves town for a few
        days, his lover Tony decides to cruise the beach one night, and is
        brutalized by a gang of thugs.  The event triggers an examination of
        the couple's supposedly wonderful relationship.)
North of Vortex - 1991, Great Britain (Bisexual - Drama: A studied black and
        white road movie about a bisexual poet, two hitchhikers, and the
        American landscape.)
The Outcasts - 1986, Taiwan (Gay - Drama: An older photographer tries to make
        a home for a group of gay teens who've been abandoned by their
        families because of their sexual orientation.)
Outrageous! - 1977, Canada (Transvestite Drag - Comedy/Drama: A gay hair-
        dresser has an interesting relationship with a schizophrenic girl on
        his way to stardom as a drag queen who does impressions of all the
        usual gay icons.)
Pink Ulysses - 1989, The Netherlands (Gay - Drama: The inner struggle of
        "pink Ulysses" is entwined with a loose adaption of The Odyssey in
        this sensual film featuring footage from a 1950s bodybuilding show,
        Eisenstein, and a TV version of "Sleeping Beauty" by the Dutch
        National Ballet.)
Prick Up Your Ears - 1987, Great Britain (Gay - Biographical Drama: The life
        and death of playwright Joe Orton, who was murdered by his lover at
        the height of his fame.)
Privates on Parade - 1982, Great Britain (Gay Transvestites - Comedy: The
        bitterly satirical adventures of a theatrical troop of drag queens
        during wartime.)
Querelle - 1982, West Germany/France (Gay - Querelle is a devastatingly
        handsome gay sailor who is also a cold-hearted killer.)
Salome's Last Dance - 1988, Great Britain (Gay - Drama: A Ken Russell
        extravaganza, wherein Oscar Wilde is invited to a bordello to view
        a wildly decadent version of his banned play "Salome".)
Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom - 1975, Italy (Gay S&M - Drama: Pasolini's
        last film before his murder is powerfully anti-Fascist.  During WWII,
        a group of powerful Fascists play S&M games with a group of young
        people, culminating in murder.)
Salut Victor! - 1988, Canada (Gay - Drama:  Two elderly gay men who are
        complete opposites befriend one another in an old age home.)
Sebastian [Sebastiane] - 1977, Great Britain (Gay - Biographical Drama: The
        story of St. Sebastian, who was sent to be outreaches of the Roman
        Empire after objecting to the murder of a young Christian page.
        There he carries on an affair with his commanding officer, whereupon
        he is brutally murdered by his fellow soldiers.)
Staircase - 1969, Great Britain (Gay - Drama: Rex Harrison and Richard Burton
        are a couple of gay barbers trying to adjust to the onset of old age,
        but they are both just walking stereotypes.)
Sunday, Bloody Sunday - 1971, Great Britain (Bisexual/Gay - Drama: A bisexual
        man carries on an affair with a woman and man at the same time, and
        claims to love them both.)
Taxi zum Klo [Taxi to the Toilet] - 1981, West Germany (Gay - Dramatic
        Autobiography: Escapades of a gay man who wants as much sex as he
        can get, while his lover just wants them both to stay home.)
Taxi to Cairo - 1987, West Germany (Gay - Comedy: Our hero stages a marriage
        to a woman to remain in his mother's will, but he and his bride fall
        in love with the same man.)
This Special Friendship [Les Amities Particuliers] - 1964, France (Gay -
        Drama: A relationship between an older boy and a younger boy at a
        strict Catholic boy's school ends in disaster when the priests keep
        voicing their disapproval with heavy-handed tactics.)
Together Alone - 1991, Canada (Gay - Drama:  Brian and Bryan talk after
        sex, about honesty, safety, sexuality, fidelity, power, companionship
        and more.)
Too Outrageous! - 1987, Canada (Gay Transvestite - Comedy/Drama, sequel to
To Play or Die - 1991, Netherlands (Gay- Drama: An introverted schoolboy,
        bullied by his handsome schoolmates, invites the ringleader home
        with plans of revenge, but the other boy gets the upper hand.)
Two of Us - 1986, Great Britain (Gay - Drama: Made-for-British-TV show about
        two working class teens who become lovers.)
Un Chant D'Amour - 1950, France (Gay - Drama: Jean Genet's only film - a
        notorious fantasy set in a French prison.)
Via Appia - 1992, Germany (Gay - Drama: A Lufthansa steward goes to Rio de
        Janeiro, trying to find a hustler named Mario who purposefully
        infected him with the AIDS virus during a one-night stand and left
        behind the message, "Welcome to the AIDS club."
Victim! - 1961, Great Britain (Gay - Drama: A respected barrister gets
        involved with a lonely young drifter and is forced to confront his
        own homosexuality.)
A Virus Knows No Morals - 1986, West Germany (Gay - Comedy: A gay bathhouse
        owner finds AIDS a drag on business in this funny, campy satire on
        society's attitudes toward homosexuals and AIDS.)
You Are Not Alone [Du Er Ikke Alene] - 1982, Denmark (Gay - Drama: Coming of
        age love story about two adolescent boys in a boys' school.)
Westler: East of the Wall - 1986, Germany (Gay - Drama: A West Berlin boy
        falls in love with an East Berlin boy on a day trip.  The border
        guards start getting suspicious when the West Berliner starts making
        frequent trips, and the boys plan an escape for the East Berliner.)
We Think The World of You - 1988, Great Britain (Gay/Bisexual - Drama: In
        the 1950s, an uptight Londoner is pushed around by his bisexual
        lover's family and wife.)
We Were One Man [Nous Etions un Seul Homme] - 1978, France (Gay - Drama:
        In occupied France during WWII, an escaped mental patient nurses a
        wounded German soldier back to health and they have a highly erotic
        love affair.)
Where the Sun Beats Down - 1989, Portugal (Gay - Drama: A haunting film of
        a young man determined to break the sexual and class taboos of his
        culture, modern day Portugal.  Nuno returns from the city to his
        sister's farm where a relationship develops between him and Alberto,
        a young farm worker, which threatens the stability of Nuno's
        snobbish family.)
Wonderland [The Fruit Machine] - 1988, Great Britain (Gay - Drama: The
        surrealistic adventures of two gay working class teens.)
The Wounded Man [L'Homme Blesse] - 1985, France (Gay - Drama: A teenage
        boy stops an attack in a toilet, gets passionately kissed by the
        attacker, finds he is drawn to homosexual sex, and becomes
        infatuated with a sociopathic hustler.)
***** Lesbian-Centered Domestic Films *****
Because the Dawn - 1988 (Lesbian - Drama: An alluring, upbeat, modern day
        vampire musical comedy set to swing tunes.  Sax-playing Vampire
        Marie seduces sports photographer Ariel from behind the camera.)
Born in Flames - 1983 (Lesbian - Drama: After the a socialist revolution
        goes sour, a diverse group of women unite to spread the truth about
        the government.)
A Certain Grace - 1992 (Lesbian - Drama: Zelda and Alice are working
        together on a photography project, and as their relationship
        develops, Zelda's boyfriend starts to think the women are spending
        too much time together.)
Claire of the Moon - 1992 (Lesbian - Drama:  This film hasn't been released
        yet, and all I know of it is of a short clip I happened to catch on
        one of the cable news channels which was doing a piece on "gay cinema".
        Looks to be a romance, and the director, whom I believe is a lesbian but
        whose name I don't recall called it "the Desert Hearts of the nineties",
        by which she meant that it would become "the" lesbian movie of the
        nineties.  Anyway, as soon as I get an actual description of the movie,
        I'll replace this info with it.  In the meantime, watch for the film!)
Desert Hearts - 1985 (Lesbian - Drama: An English professor goes to Reno to
        get a divorce, and falls in love with a young woman who works at a
        dude ranch.)
Desperate Living - 1977 (Lesbian - Drama: John Waters's most outrageous
        movie ever, in which a housewife and her maid enter the ficticious
        kingdom of Mortville after the woman kills her husband.  Enough
        blood, guts, and camp acting/dialogue to make it a cult favorite.)
The Fox - 1968 (Lesbian/Bisexual - Drama: Two women running a remote chicken
        farm in Canada are lovers until a man comes along; then one of them
        discovers heterosexuality, and the other ends up dead.)
Fried Green Tomatoes - 1991 (Lesbian - Comedy/Drama: Some may quibble about
        whether or not Idgie and Ruth count as lesbians, since it is never
        spelled out, but *we* know, don't we?  Straight, middle-aged, middle
        class frump Evelyn Couch gets lessons in personal liberation from
        elderly Ninny Threadgoode, who tells her the story of Idgie's and
        Ruth's unconventional friendship.)
Illusions - 1982 (Lesbian - Drama: A black woman who passed as white in
        Hollywood during the 1940s has a relationship with a black woman
        singer who provides the voice for a white movie star.)
The Killing of Sister George - 1968 (Lesbian - Drama: An aging lesbian
        actress loses everything, including her young lover, when the
        character she plays on a BBC soap opera gets killed off.)
Lesbionage - 1988 (Lesbian - Drama: Two detectives who are also lovers
        investigate a blackmail plot against a lesbian congresswoman.)
Lianna - 1983 (Lesbian - Drama:  A young mother falls in love with her
        psychology professor and slowly comes to terms with her sexuality
        and independence.)
Long Awaited Pleasure - 1987 (Lesbian - Comedy/Drama: Two lesbians leave
        their emotional baggage behind and start over.)
Love Game - 1990 (Lesbian - Comedy: A famous lesbian tennis player meets
    a girl she wants to get to know.)
My Father is Coming - 1991, USA/Germany (Lesbian/Gay - Comedy: A lesbian
        living in New York has to prepare for her father's sudden arrival
        from Germany with the help of her gay male friend.)
Out of Our Time - 1989 (Lesbian - Drama: This film contrasts the personal
        choices, experiences, and desires of a contemporary lesbian couple
        named Valeri and Marilyn with those of Valeri's grandmother in the
Personal Best - 1982 (Lesbian/Bisexual - Drama: Two female jocks training
        for the Olympics fall in love and have an affair, but at least for
        one, lesbianism is just a phase she's going through.)
A Question of Love - 1978 (Lesbian - Drama: A made-for-TV movie about a
        lesbian mother's fight for custody of her son.  Her homophobic
        ex-husband drags her through the mud and the courts.)
She Likes Girls - 1992 (Lesbian - Comedy: A few days in the life of a young
        New York lesbian - without a cliche in sight!)
She Must Be Seeing Things - 1987 (Lesbian - Drama: A lawyer and a filmmaker
        are lovers, and while the lawyer has a jealous fit over the film-
        maker's diaries, which describe her past exploits with male lovers,
        the movie juxtaposes scenes from the filmmaker's film, which is
        about a nun fighting sexual repression in a 17th century convent.)
Two in Twenty: A Lesbian Soap Opera - 1988 (Lesbian - Comedy:  A 5-part
        lesbian soap opera which focuses on the day-to-day problems of two
        lesbian households.  Includes satirical commercials with a lesbian/
        feminist slant and outtakes.)
Waiting for the Moon - 1983 (Lesbian - Biography: Beautifully filmed but
        emotionally uninvolving exploration of the relationship between
        Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas.)
Waking Up: A Love Story - 1988 (Lesbian - Drama: A young woman gets a taste
        of lesbian love and soon becomes the town's number one lesbian.)
The War Widow - 1976 (Lesbian - Drama: Made-for-TV movie about a woman  who
        falls in love with another woman while her husband is off fighting
        WWI.  When he returns, she has to decide whether or not to leave
        him and her child to be with her lover.)
***** Lesbian-Centered Foreign Films *****
Anna und Elisabeth - 1933, Germany (Lesbian - Drama:  A peasant girl's touch
        heals the paralysis of the lady of the manor, and the lady soon
        discovers that she can't live without the girl.)
Anna und Edith - 1975, West Germany (Lesbian - Drama: Made-for-German-TV
        movie about two clerical workers who fall in love while trying to
        get better working conditions.)
Anne Trister - 1986, Canada (Lesbian - Drama: An Israeli artist goes to
        Montreal, stays with a psychologist friend, and falls in love with
Another Way [Egymasra Nezve] - 1982, Hungary (Lesbian - Drama:  Two
        journalists fall in love against the backdrop of the 1956 Hungarian
The Banker [La Banquiere] - 1980, France (Lesbian - Drama: The rise and fall
        of a masculine self-made bank president in the 1920s in Paris.)
The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant [Die Bitteren Tranen der Petra von Kant] -
        1972, West Germany (Lesbian - Drama: A decadent fashion designer
        plays the dominant role in a sado-masochistic relationship with one
        of her employees, but she meets someone who turns the tables on her.)
By Design  - 1981, Canada (Lesbian - Comedy:  A lesbian couple who decide to
        have a baby "the old-fashioned way" encounter humorous obstacles.)
Can't You Take a Joke? - 1989, Australia (Lesbian - Comedy: A woman
        cartoonist, with the help of pet character Lady Dick, sets about
        recovering her mysterious female client's lost sense of humor.)
Celine and Julie Go Boating [Celine et Julie en Bateau] - 1974, France
        (Lesbian - Drama: A magician and a librarian meet in Montmartre.)
Daughters of Darkness [La Rouge aux Levres, Blud an den Lippen, Bloed and de
        Lippen] - 1970, Belgium, West Germany, France (Lesbian - Horror:
        Campy cult lesbian horror film which features a lesbian vampire as
        its most sympathetic character and makes heterosexuality seem
Depart to Arrive [Weggehen um Anzukommen] - 1981, West Germany (Lesbian -
        Drama: The story of the separation of a photographer and a
        journalist from the photographer's point of view.)
Domestic Bliss - 1984, Great Britain (Lesbian - Comedy: Made-for-British-TV
        soap opera about a lesbian couple and their chaotic adventures.)
Entre Nous [Between Us, Coup de Foudre] - 1983, France (Lesbian - Drama: In
        1950s Lyons, France, two married women meet, develop a friendship,
        and leave their husbands for one another.)
Erika's Passions [Erikas Leidenschaften] - 1978, West Germany (Lesbian -
        Drama: A butch lesbian and her femme lover are accidentally locked
        in a room together after a long separation and are forced to confront
        each other's differences and complaints.)
The Farewell [Jaahyvaiset] - 1982, Finland-Sweden (Lesbian - Drama: In the
        1930s, a young Finnish woman defies her tyrannical father to have a
        relationship with a young German woman.)
Flaming Ears - 1992, Austria (Lesbian - Drama: A fragmented and bizarre tale
        of lust, jealousy, and revenge among three lesbians in the far, far
        future.  Technically innovative, staking out a new lesbian aesthetic
        for the 90s.)
La Fuga - 1967, Italy (Lesbian - Drama: Well-to-do wife finds fulfillment
        with a lesbian interior decorator.)
Full Moon in New York - 1989, Hong Kong (Lesbian - Drama:  Three Chinese
        women immigrants in New York, one from mainland China, one a
        Taiwanese actress, and one a successful entrepreneur and
        restaurateur from Hong Kong.  The film can be taken as a symbol
        of the struggles of the three Chinas to come together.)
The Getting of Wisdom - 1977, Australia (Lesbian - Drama:  A gifted young
        pianist becomes inseparable with a classmate in an oppressive
        finishing school in turn-of-the-century Melbourne, Australia.)
Girls in Uniform [Madchen in Uniform] - 1931, Germany (Lesbian - Drama:
        Considered by many to be the first radical lesbian-feminist film,
        in which a student at a repressive authoritarian Prussian boarding
        school finds comfort only in the companionship of a sympathetic
        teacher.  It was remade in 1958 in English.  See the original
        German version.)
The Gold Diggers - 1983, Great Britain (Lesbian - Drama: An actress and a
        mysterious woman on horseback come together while searching for
        social roots.)
In This House of Brede - 1975, Great Britain (Lesbian - Drama: A young nun
        gets a crush on older one who wants to reciprocate but cannot.)
I've Heard The Mermaids Singing - 1987, Canada (Lesbian - Comedy: An
        "organizationally-impaired person Friday falls in love with her
        boss, the sophisticated Curator of an art gallery.)
I, You, He, She [Je, Tu, Il, Elle] - 1974, Belgium (Lesbian - Drama:
        Conflict- ridden relationship between a woman and her lover and a
        strange man.  Features an 18-minute love scene between the two
Johanna, D'Arc of Mongolia - 1988, West Germany (Lesbian - Adventure: Our
        heroine is invited on a trip by an affluent older woman.  They
        travel to Mongolia where they are kidnapped by Mongolian Amazons,
        and the adventure begins.)
The Life that We Dreamt [Het Leven dat we Droomden] - 1981, Belgium
        (Lesbian - Drama: Two women fall in love with the same man, but
        soon discover that they love each other.)
Madame X - Eine Absolut Herrscherin - 1977, West Germany (Lesbian - Drama:
        Women cannot resist the pirate Madame X, and board her ship in quest
        of gold, love, and adventure.)
Mano Destra - 1985-86, West Germany (Lesbian - Drama: A relentless
        physiological experience of cinematic bondage and sensory
        manipulation.  A European lesbian cult classic, *this* is S&M
Miss A and Miss M - 1987, Great Britain (Lesbian - Drama: A young girl
        slowly becomes aware of the true nature of the relationship between
        two school teachers.)
Night Visions - 1989, Canada (Lesbian - Drama: Racism and homophobia are
        explored in two overlapping stories, one about a Native American
        single mother fighting social welfare authorities and her white
        ex-husband for custody of her daughter, the other about a lesbian
        photographer whose erotic photographs have been seized by the
Nocturne - 1990, Great Britain (Lesbian - Drama: Joy Chamberlain's film of
        a woman who returns home for her mother's funeral and meets memories
        which are the key both to her self-repression and her desire.)
November Moon [Novembermond] - 1985, West Germany (Lesbian - Drama:  During
        WWII in France, a Frenchwoman hides her lover, a German Jew, from
        the Nazis.)
Olivia [Pit of Loneliness] - 1951, France (Lesbian -Drama: Set in the latter
        half of the 1800s, an English schoolgirl falls deeply in love with
        one of her headmistresses in the French boarding school she attends.)
On Guard - 1983, Australia (Lesbian - Drama: An aerobics instructor, a
        disillusioned nurse and two other lesbians conspire to sabotage a
        reproductive engineering facility and alert the media to a Brave New
        World bioproduction line.  A heist movie which incorporates frank
        portrayal of the characters' domestic and sexual, personal and
        political struggles.)
Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit - 1989, Great Britain (Lesbian - Drama:
        Coming of age story about a young woman who's been raised by a
        strict evangelical mother.)
Pepi, Luci, Bom - 1992, Spain (Lesbian - Drama: An angry lesbian declares
        war on the Madrid police.)
Richard's Things - 1980, Great Britain (Lesbian- Drama: Made-for-British-TV
        movie about a dead businessman's widow and mistress, who go from
        open hostility to falling in love with each other.)
Salmonberries - 1991, Canada (Lesbian - Drama: A woman searches for meaning
        in her life and makes contact with another woman in the bleak North.)
Simone - 1984, France (Lesbian - Drama:  Simone, a mysterious stranger,
        enters the life of Francoise, a suicidal woman, and the two explore
        their fantasies.)
Therese and Isabelle - 1968, United States-West Germany-France (Lesbian -
        Drama: A woman reminisces about a love affair she had with a girl
        in boarding school.)
To Forget Venice [Dimenticare Venezia] - 1979, Italy (Lesbian/Gay - Drama:
        In 1920s Italy, Anna and Claudia live in the country with Anna's Aunt
        Marta.  Anna and Claudia have become bored with each other, but one
        day Aunt Marta's brother Nicky shows up with his young lover Picchio,
        and things start to change.)
Twice a Woman - 1985, Great Britain (Lesbian - Drama: A man becomes obsessed
        with the young female lover of his ex-wife.)
The Twin Bracelets - 1990, Hong Kong,Taiwan (Lesbian - Drama: A young woman
        in an oppressive Chinese fishing village seeks love and escape in
        the arms of her childhood girlfriend against a backdrop of customs
        and mores that treat women as property with no human rights.)
Vera - 1987, Brazil (Lesbian - Drama: A young woman believes she is a man
        trapped in a woman's body in this intense investigation of sex roles.)
The Virgin Machine - 1988, West Germany (Lesbian - Drama: A naive German
        journalist searches for love in San Francisco's lesbian underground.)
Wild Flowers - 1989, Great Britain (Lesbian - Drama: Two women discover love
        for each other in a fairly repressed corner of Scotland.
A Woman in Transit [La Femme de l'Hotel] - 1984, Canada (Lesbian - Drama: A
        director and her leading lady search for someone to play the central
        figure in their movie and find her in the hotel where they are all
A Woman Like Eve [Een Vrouw als Eva] 1979, Netherlands (Lesbian - Drama: On
        vacation in France, a married Dutch woman falls in love with a French
        lesbian.  When she attempts to divorce her husband, a bitter custody
        battle ensues.)
***** Directory of GLBO Film and Video Distributors *****
Back Porch Productions              Cambridge Documentary Films
113 E. Whiteman St.                 P.O. Box 385
Yellow Springs, OH 45387            Cambridge, MA 02139
                                    (617) 354-3677
Charis Video                        Cinema Guild
P.O. Box 797                        1697 Broadway, Suite 802
Brooklyn, NY 11231                  New York, NY 10019
(718) 855-4458                      (212) 246-5522
(Many Lesbian Videos)
Cinevista                           Direct Cinema Ltd.
353 W. 39th St.                     P.O. Box 69799
New York, NY 10018                  Los Angeles, CA 90069
(212) 947-4373                      (213) 652-8000
Exportfilm Bischoof & Co.           Facets Multimedia, Inc.
Isabellastrasse 20                  1517 West Fullerton Ave.
D-8000 Munich 40, West Germany      Chicago, IL 60614
                                    (800) 331-6297, (312) 281-9075 in IL
Filmmakers Library                  First Run Features
124 East 40th, #901
New York, NY 10025
(212) 355-6545                      (800) 229-8575
Frameline                           Insider Video Club
P.O. Box 14792                      P.O. Box 93399
San Francisco, CA 94114             Hollywood, CA 90093
(415) 861-5245                      (800) 634-2242
International Film Exchange         Ishtar Films (West Coast)
201 W. 52nd St.                     6253 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 623
New York, NY 10019                  Hollywood, CA 90028
(212) 582-4318                      (213) 461-1560
Ishtar Films (East Coast)           Kartes Video Communications
P.O. Box 51                         P.O. Box 68881, 7225 Woodland Dr.
Patterson, NY 12563                 Indianapolis, IN 46278
(914) 878-3561                      (800) 582-2000, (317) 297-1888
Ladyslipper                         Lambda Rising
P.O. Box 3130                       1625 Connecticut Ave., NW
Durham, NC 27705                    Washington, DC 20009-1013
(919) 683-1570                      (202) 462-6969
Maya Vision                         Moonforce Media
43 New Oxford St.                   P.O. Box 2934
London, WC1 A1BH, England           Washington, DC 20012
                                    ATTN: Joan Biren
                                    (202) 526-0049
Moonlight Productions               New Yorker Films
2243 Old Middlefield Way            16 W. 61st St.
Mountain View, CA 94043             New York, NY 10023
(415) 948-0199                      (212) 247-6110
Polyglot Productions                Pop Video
136 Brattle St.                     P.O. Box 60862
Cambridge, MA 02138                 Washington, DC 20039
(617) 491-3541                      (202) 726-1650
La Reseau Vide-Elle                 Tapestry Productions
4013 Rue des Erables                924 Broadway
Montreal, Quebec H2K 3V7, Canada    New York, NY 10010
(514) 525-8456                      (212) 677-6007
Third World Newsreel                Water Bearer Films
335 W. 38th St., 5th Floor          205 West End Avenue, Suite 24H
New York, NY 10018                  New York, New York 10023
Winds of Change Productions         Wolfe Video
12 Grove Ave.                       P.O. Box 64
Toronto, Ontario M6J 3B6, Canada    New Almaden, CA 95042
                                    (408) 268-6782
Womankind Books, Inc.               Women in Focus
5 Kivy St.                          849 Beatty St.
Huntington Station, NY 11746        Vancouver, BC V6B 2M6 Canada
(800) 648-5333, (516) 427-1289      (604) 682-5848
Women Make Movies, Inc.             Yoyo Film, Video & Theatre Productions
225 Lafayette St., #212             108 Grove Park
New York, NY 10012                  London SE5, England
(212) 925-0606
Please note that I have arbitrarily established a 30-minute minimum length
requirement for films to be included on this list.  There are literally
hundreds of film shorts from 1 minute in length to 29 minutes in length
which do not appear on this list, although if a film is, say, 25 minutes
long it just might find its way onto the list.  Many, if not all, of the
distributors above will provide you with a catalog of their films, including
film shorts.
For more information regarding these and other GLBO-centered materials,
notably books, periodicals, music, and some film shorts get yourself a copy
of this outstanding reference book:
Gay and Lesbian Library Service
edited by Cal Gough and Ellen Greenblatt
MacFarland and Company, Inc., Publishers
Many thanks to Ellen Greenblatt for giving me access to the film lists from
this excellent resource book.
Another book I used to compile this list is "The Celluloid Closet",
by Vito Russo.  Russo's book is mostly about Hollywood's mistreatment of
gay characters in films, but by the last chapter, films featuring accurate,
sensitive, or at least interesting portrayals start showing up with more
Thanks for the contributions from Sim David Aberson, Hector Bellmann,
Vince Cavasin, David Peter Coster, Jeff Dauber, Mike Drayton, James Drew,
David Edelsohn, Michelle Elliott, William Tsun-Yuk Hsu, Curtis Johnson,
Robert Marshall, Valerie Mead, Steve Misek, Tim Pierce, Jeff Shaumeyer,
Glenn Slayden, Mike Shepherd, Tane' Tachyon, Max Meredith Vasilatos, and
David Wyatt.
Thanks for e-mailing any GLBO-centered films that you don't find on this
list, folks, and don't forget to sign your name to your letters so that I
can acknowledge your contribution.)
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