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October 1992


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Mark Ritchie <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 19 Oct 1992 13:26:43 EDT
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Here are the papers and speakers for the Wednesday, 11 Nov. 1992 sessions
of the SMPTE 134th Technical Conference and Equipment Exhibition.
Wednesday, 11 November, Morning
  Session A:  Design/Development of the New CBC Toronto Broadcast Centre
1) The Challenge of Change, The CBC Broadcasting Centre, Toronto
    Jean-Claude Tanguay, CBC
2) Planning of the CBC Broadcasting Centre, Toronto
    William V. Laht, CBC
3) An Overview of the Acoustical Considerations for the CBC Broadcasting
   Centre, Toronto
    Jean P. Legault, CBC
4) An Overview of the Power Distribution and Studio Lighting for the CBC
   Broadcasting Centre, Toronto
    Pierre Couillard, CBC
4) An Overview of the Mechanical Building Systems for the CBC
   Broadcasting Centre, Toronto
    Herb Benjamin, CBC
5) System Design Considerations for Television Facilities for the CBC
   Broadcasting Centre, Toronto
    John Wonsowicz, CBC
6) Design of a Control System for a Multi-Matrix Television Routing
    Paul Briscoe, CBC
7) Training for the New CBC Broadcasting Centre, Toronto
    Paul Kaiser, CBC
The new CBC Broadcasting Centre is across the street from the Metro
Convention Centre and tours will be arranged.
  Session B:  Video Crossroads (HDTV)
1) Resolution Testing of a HDTV Codec with Moving Zone Plates
    Elliott S. Kohn and Guy W. Beakley, Stellacom, Inc.
2) The Sony High-Definition Dual-Purpose Screening Room
    G. Berggren, E. Wetmore and G. Nash, Sigma Design Group
3) Development of a New Motion Adaptive YC Separation System
    N. Yamaguchi, T. Kurashita, M. Ishizuka, J. Taniguchi, H. Hasegawa
    and M. Yao, Mitsubishi Electric Co.
4) Real-Time Display System for Tracing Races Using GPS
    Kiyoharu Takenoshita, NHK
5) A Three-Dimensional Video Vector Display
    Mark J. Everett, Videotek, Inc.
6) Progressive Scan in Post:  Is It Possible, Preferable, Practical?
    Neil B. Feldman and Brad Walker, Video Post and Transfer, Inc.
7) Applying Constrained Optimization to Computer Animation
    Jeff Goldsmith and Alan H. Barr, California Institute of Technology
8) Graphics in Motion
    Thomas J. Rosenbauer and Roi Agneta, Chyron Corp.
  Session C:  Laboratory Technology/Preservation/The Environment
1) Colour Film Processing and the Ecology:  Part 1, A General Review
    Henri Olbrechts and Karel Brems, Agfa-Gevaert
2) Colour Film Processing and the Ecology:  Part 2, Practical
    Karel Brems and Henri Olbrechts, Agfa-Gevaert
3) Film Process Dryers:  Solutions to Better Film Quality
    Peter Sutton and Mike Lemche, Maxwell Systems
4) An Aqueous-Based Motion Picture Film Cleaner -- Final Report
    Richard W. Bauer, Motion Picture Technology Council, John L. Baptista
    and Frank J. Ricotta, Consolidated Film Industries, and E.F. Snow and
    Z. Bogdan, Nemeth Engineering Associates
5) Building and Testing the Cosharp Printer
    John Mosely, The Technology Foundation of the Motion
    Picture/Television Industry
6) Film Storage
    Morton Jacobsen, Dancan International Sales
7) Disposal of Used Prints:  Ecological and Economical Aspects
    H.V. Cauwenberghe, H. Olbrechts and G. Van Schil, Agfa-Gevaert
8) Eastman Kodak Company Environmental Commitment
    Laurence A. Cate, Eastman Kodak Co.
Wednesday, 11 November, Afternoon
  Session A:  Tours of the SkyDome
1) Toronto SkyDome -- State of the Art Media Facilities
    George F. Malcolm, Imagineering Ltd
2) SkyDome Technical Facilities Overview
    Syme Jago, The Stadium Corporation of Ontario
  Session B:  Large-Format Film Technology (At CineSphere Imax Theatre)
1) A Combination Imax and Omnimax Theatre
    J. Creighton Douglas, Douglas Consultants
2) Technical Challenges in Filming THE TITANIC in Imax
    Gordon Harris and Bill Reeve, Imax Corp.
3) A Large-Format Projection Lens for Projection Cylindrical Surfaces
    Rekha Doshi, Hughes Leitz Optical Technologies
4) Modelling Brightness, Contrast, and 3-D Coinsidence in Dome Screen
    K. Arthur, K. Hassan, and H. Murray, Imax Corp.
5) A Wide-Angle Large-Format Fisheye Objective for Stereo Cine
    Clinton Evans, Hughes Leitz Optical Technologies
6) Protection Coating of Imax
    David Keighly, David Keighly ProductionsLtd/70mm, Inc.
7) Development of the Imax Solido 3-D Projection System
    G.W. Harris, P. Panabaker and W.C. Shaw, Imax Corp.
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