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September 1991


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Tue, 3 Sep 1991 18:41:00 GMT
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Apologies for cross posting: please forward as desired
******************   NEW LIST  *************************
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The list is for anyone who has or who may have an interest in
network; installation; project; communication; temporary; ad-hoc;
transient; mobile; time-based; formless; de-centred art. Potential
members include artists, art-administrators, writers, theorists,
students, teachers. The aim of the list is to encourage
contributions from all who have dipped a toe into these waters
and found them congenial, but who know not where to turn next.
The idea is that alliances will be formed, projects launched,
funding gained, technology utilised, ideas launched and wild
speculation indulged in. I hope that art projects will be
instigated via this list. It is within my desire for the list that it
The list encompasses:
*Projects		*New work		*Events
*Collaborations		*Funding		*Technology
*Shows			*Jobs			*Conferences
*Proposals		*Organisations		*Information
*Publications		*Education		*Wild speculation
ARTNET provides a forum for the discussion of ART that is
concerned with: network; installation; project; communication;
temporary; ad-hoc; transient; mobile; time-based; formless; de-
centred.  I call this PERIPATETIC art.
I define peripatetic art thus:
The art or action of creative endeavour with lack of fixed base.
There is no fixed centre which claims to have 'the knowledge'. All
projects involve some aspect of lack of enclosure; the promotion of
action without centre. Peripatetic art tends towards the transient,
the time based, the mobile.
Peripatetology is as much about receiving  the action, the project,
as it is about initiating it.
I am concerned with improving communication amongst those
working in these and related areas. By its nature this kind of work
often does not lend itself to easy documentation or definition.
The concept mooted here, and encapsulated in the term
'peripatetic', has  by its very nature a changeable agenda. I hope
that in action we will create new ways of working alongside some
very old human desires.
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