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September 1999, Week 4


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Peter Warren <[log in to unmask]>
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Thu, 23 Sep 1999 19:10:58 -0400
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Robert:  Other films which play with time are: THE MAN WHO COULD WORK
MIRACLES (H.G.Wells 1937, British, dir. by Lothar Mendes), who abuses the
magic power given to him by the gods, and has to go back in time to  to
undo the damage he's caused. 2001, A SPACE ODYSSEY(1968, Kubrick) which
deals with accelerated time. Maybe RASHOMON (1951 Kurosawa), which deals
with different views of the same time period. (or its poor remake, THE
OUTRAGE, 1964, Martin Ritt). Even the two TERMINATOR movies have a
past/future connection. And don't forget THE TIME MACHINE (1960, dir George
Pal - H.G.Wells again), and many other time travel efforts. There is BIG
(1988 Penny Marshall) and similar movies which deal with age/time reversals
- a man in a boy's body, and vice versa. There are countless movies with
flashbacks (eg: the Paris sequence in CASABLANCA).  Also, the excellent
suggestions by Donald Larsson.

> From: Robert J. Winer <[log in to unmask]>
> To: [log in to unmask]
> Subject: bending time's arrow
> Date: Wednesday, September 22, 1999 11:08 PM
> Film suggestions needed!
>      I'm trying to put together a film series (in the context of the
> millennium passing) which deals with the inevitability of time's arrow.
> moves forward relentlessly, and what has been done can not be undone.
> certain films play with the fantasy that one can have a second chance to
> it right, by staging sequences in which the same event is replayed, with
> progressively altered outcomes.  The loss implicit in time's passage can
> be denied.  (The passing of the millennium, in contrast, presses us to
> awareness of the passage of time.)  Among recent films, "Groundhog Day"
> "Run Lola Run" have this structure.  A variant of this are the films in
> alternative pathways are successively portrayed; the recent "Sliding
> and Kieslowski's "Blind Chance" are examples of this form.  (Less
> from the point of view of my interest, are films in which time is simply
> bent, like "Before the Rain" and "Pulp Fiction."  In these films the time
> element is a less central issue.)
>      I need probably five or six titles for my proposal, so I'd like to
> of other films in which time sequences are repeated.  Send me the title,
> if possible, a very brief plot description.
> Bob Winer
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