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October 1994


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J Roberson <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 30 Oct 1994 09:20:31 +0600
Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
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>And we can all stand around the campfire singing Kumbaya as one big happy
>pluralistic (read white) society.  Put on your reality hat for a minute, J.
Reality hat is on, you twit. When did pluralistic become synonomous with
white? Do you have some burning need to label things as red, white, black,
and yellow? Go watch Power Rangers if color association is that important
to you.
> OJ's definition of himself really held up well, didn't it?
I thought so. I thought of him as one of the few football players I could name.
I was kind of hoping that nobody'd make a big deal about him being black. I
honestly thought of him as a rich guy before I thought of him as a black
guy - which doens't deny his being black - it just shows how I prioritize
the components of identity.
>who tries to define himself as white (up to requesting that a white child
>actor play him in a Jackson 5 documentary) and we all just accept that
>definition and never question his motives or think he's a lunatic or a
>child molester, etc.?
Well, Michael's not the best example in the world, given how much he has
been ridiculed. But what's wrong with a black man wanting to be white? Or a
man wanting to be a woman? We're just talking about the exterior here - the
stuff that counts is inside.
>As long as white's dominate, blacks can be whatever they wan't, as long as
>"black" is part of that definition and that part can be asserted when
>necessary by the dominant culture.  If you really think that any blacks (or
>any other visible "other") can control their own racial identity fully,
Nobody controls there identity fully. That doesn't stop them from trying to
redefine themselves. More accurately, it doesn't stop them from reefining
the society. ML King Jr did it. Ghandi did it. Every black kid, Indian kid,
asian kid, disabled kid, Italian kid, German kid - everybody, in fact - is
doing it every day when they go to school. No matter who you are, you are a
part of the society you live in and every act of yours has an effect on
>wake up!  What society do you live in?
I'm awake. I live in a society where every member contributes to the
definition of that society. If you don't think it's possible to change
things, fine go whine in your corner and be miserable. But if you *want*
change and believe it's possible, then quit yer bitchin' and treat society
the way you want society to treat you.
". . .that realm is never long in quiet, where the ruler is a soldier."
             -- Castruchio, *The Duchess of Malfi*, by John Webster.