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March 1995, Week 2


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Wed, 8 Mar 1995 19:51:52 CST
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>>Can't something, anything be conceived of as
>>art WITHOUT being analyzed to death? Can't something that >>looks great and
tells the/a story well just be considered >>good, and leave it at that?
>>It makes it so much more enjoyable...
>No it doesn't, it sanctifies it and mystifies it, and means we >have no way
of understanding it and how it affects our world.
If something is "sanctified" and "mystified" can't that be part of the reason
why a person would be drawn to it? Does absolutley EVERYTHING that one does
have to have some impact on our world, and does that impact HAVE to be
resolved by some bookworm? Or could it just reveal itself, maybe in due time?
Which I suppose, something that is "sanctified", would do. You guys seem to
have the attitude that only YOU can determine the meaning of a piece of art
(read:film). Who decided this? Again, I ask you, what makes your
determination about a film's meaning ANY better than mine....or anyone else's
for that matter? Do you REALLY have that low an image of the film-going
public in general?
>So, Freelancer, I take analysis to be close examination of the >work and
understanding the principles behind its construction >(social, economic,
Ummm, excuse me for being an ignorant cable-puller, but wouldn't
"Construction" imply how the piece was actually made (shot consioderation,
editing, scripting), ideas that are almost readily apparent; as opposed to
underlying influences, which might be categorized as the "social, economic,
formal" influences...?
One closing thought from the arteest- if y'all know so damn much about
movies, why don'tcha go and make some yerselves!.....
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