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February 1997, Week 1


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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
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Thu, 6 Feb 1997 21:58:23 -0500
Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
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Open for subscriptions.            /\               IM Gateways open 2/8/97
   * NAT-FILM Discussions on Aboriginal Multi-Media; Western Hemisphere *
        With Emphasis On Social, Technical, Theory, & Development
                          ****** CULTURAL ******
Created 2-1-97                                               Annouced 2-4-97
NAT-FILM is an unmoderated internet discussion and information exchange
list where Native Americans interested in the various aspects of
multi-media imaging and sound can exchange information and confer with
educators and professionals in the many feilds of multimedia. New channels
may be created and added to the server within the list according to need.
=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D announcement =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=
Subject: New: NAT-FILM Discussions on Native American Multimedia
Native American Television, Film, Music, Cultural & Educational Resources
A St. John's University List in cooperation with the United Native American
Television Broadcasting Council and all Native North, Central, and South
American Univerisities and Colleges - a cooperation between all peoples --
all institutions.
NAT-FILM is an unmoderated internet discussion and information exchange
list where Native Americans interested in the various aspects of
multi-media imaging and sound can exchange information and confer with
educators and professionals in the diverse feilds which may utilize
To subscribe, send the following command to [log in to unmask] and in the
BODY of email message enter the following:
SUB NAT-FILM yourfirstname yourlastname
for example: SUBSCRIBE NAT-FILM John Yazzie
=46or further information send the following command to [log in to unmask]
and in the BODY of email message enter the following:
Archives of NAT-FILM will be kept in monthy files. Subscribers may obtain a
list of files by sending the command to:
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and place "INDEX NAT-FILM" (without the quotes)
in the body of the email message.
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NAT-FILM [1] is an unmoderated internet discussion list for technical and
cultural information pertaining to multi-media and its roles in, and effect
on, Native American/Aboriginal societies. This list is a networking
platform open to educators, professionals, students, and any interested
parties regardless of age, race, or experience.
This list has been created to assist Native Americans in developing
personal resources and provide opportunities for those wishing to enter the
fields of multi-media. Emphasis is on creating economic development,
educational, and cultural preservation projects in multumedia. Ultimately,
to help advance the field of medicine from cities and into the heart of
Indigenous Soveriegn Nations; and, to help preserve and protect the
traditional fields of medicines long since established. Constructive
cultural, educational, and entertainment programming is also a priority.
Subsequently, this list may also provide the non-Native screenwriter or
filmaker insight regarding cultural and political correctness in commerical
and educational media where Native American culture and/or images would be
included in subject matter.
2. List Rules
This is an unmoderated list and to remain so these rules should be followed
at all times.
a. Respect for other members is to be observed by everyone at all times.
b. Posting of commercial information or solicitation is prohibited.
c. Please keep subject matter within the expansive range of this list.
   (see 3. for general suggestions)
d. Crossposting messages from this list is not allowed without the expressed
   written consent of the copyright owners or original sender.
e. Crossposting messages from other lists are not permitted unless they are
   clearly for release and relevant matter such as job, course, film festiva=
   announcemts, broadcast schedules -- all relative to Native Media.
3.  Suggested topics for discussion: a. Social; b. Educational; c. Technical
a. Social
* History of Native Americans in Entertainmet (starting from Buffalo Bill's =
* Exploitaion, Misrepresentaion, or just Ignorance
* Feedback on your film ideas
* Native American Actors
* Visions of the Future
* Do's, Dont's, and suggested Cautions
* Latest NA Scenes/Commercials on TV (the good the bad and the ugly)
* The effect of mainstream media on traditional Native Cultures
* Why/Is "Stardom" a Native American way; the true meaning of stars
* Indian owned and operated; (according to tradition or euro-business)
  How/Can Native media and offshoot Native Businesses create balance
  by utilizing true traditional social structure in business.
b. Educational
* Saving Endangered Languages; pre-toddler through early
  gradeschool cartoons and puppet shows based on tradition/stories.
* Knocking out substance abuse at the pre-K level by positive imaging.
* Incorporating Traditional Values - a healthy body,environment;screenwritin=
* Interviewing elders
* Video-journalism; keeping video files and sorting footage for doccumentari=
* The importance of permission to film and disclosure of intent to use.
* The Sacred right to prevent stories and names from disclosure in film.
* Ceremonies and objects that should not be filmed.
* Why Native Americans should be in control of media about Native Americans.
* Non-Indian and Indian Cooperation in Film Production.
* Educational film projects in contemporary Native American education.
* Sharing talent between Native American and other univerities.
  Student Exchange
* Archeology in Reverse: films challenging scientific theory
c. Technical
* How to copyright your work: screenplays, films, music, packaging, effects
* Study materials, schools, and courses
* Starting a film or drama club in your school
* Choosing subjects -- subjects choosing you
* The natural approach
* Drama
* Writing the screenplay
* Doccumentaries
* Selecting/Using a video camera
* The video Toaster and editing your videos
* Computor editing; hardware and software
* Film scoring and soundtracks; themes and sound effects; using sound librar=
  composition, midi and computor sampling. Getting copyright clearance for
  popular songs, etc. Sound inventions and simulations using ordinary object=
* Lighting
* Sound
* Special effects
* Netcasting and Web TV
* Set design and building
* Funding for your film project
* Shopping your proposal
* Grant writing
* Legals and legal assistance
If you have trouble with the performance of this list please contact,
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"The is copyrighted under unity for seven generations starting with the
seventh. Created on the first for the one who will always make a
difference, made public on the fourth for one of the four directions, and
usemarked (not-trademarked) under the whole of the laws. This supercedes
international copyright and usemark/trademark laws. Enactment of the law is
with truth and knowledge."
- unk.
United Native American Television (tm) Broadcasting Council
Locations accross South Dakota
Helmina Makes Him First, PO Box 53,Little Eagle, SD 57639
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Vivian High Elk, PO Box 363, Eagle Butte SD
Adalbert Zephier, PO Box 30, Flandreau, SD 57028
Lorenzo Thin Elk, Box 266, Flandreau, SD 57028,
[Sioux Nations Council contact]:
Reginald Cedar Face, PO Box 311, Pine Ridge, SD  57770
Lyman Red Cloud (contact through Reginald Cedar Face)
[Broadcast Funding Concerts - Elder's Production Oversight Committees ] -
Ray Uses The Knife, Councilman CRST
[Broadcast Concert Coordinator - Production Sites ] -
Sam Weddel, Yankton Sioux Tribe, Tribal Planner
[Dakota Territory Chairman's Council]
Through: Ambrose McBride, Founder
The Dakota Territory Chairman's Council
c/o Crow Creek Sioux Tribe
["The Ownership of the first pilot project for television broadcasting of
United Native American Television Broadcasting is to all the people
starting with the poorest, eldest, youngest, and the rest of the people of
the following "Tribes" Nations." (4-94 gsn/6-95.bhp:m) The resolution
(states that it will be overseen by the traditional elders under unity and
peace with the following Nations and was approved by joint resolution of
the tribal chairman at a regular session of the following tribal chairman
by Resolution of the Dakota Territory Chairman's Council:
Chairman's Council
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
Crow Creek Sioux
Devils Lake Sioux
=46landreau Santee Sioux
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Sisseton / Whapeton Sioux
Standing Rock Sioux
Three Affiliated Tribes
Turtle Mountain Chippewa
Upper Sioux Indian Community
Yankton Sioux
When this intertribal broacasting project is operating it will support the
formation of 100% Indian-owned, operated affiliated independant stations
spanning North America and South America, for truth, freedom, ecology, and
accuracy of reporting from the people of our Western Indigenous Nations,
and the good people of the United States of America, Canada, South America,
and Central America.
(Internet Volunteer)
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Joe Campagna
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