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Daniel Frampton <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 5 May 1999 03:33:27 +0000
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    F i l m - P h i l o s o p h y
    ISSN 1466-4615

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-------------------  CALL FOR BOOK REVIEW ARTICLES  -------------------

    The following works have been received and need reviewers:

Rudolf Arnheim, _Film Essays and Criticism_ (1997).
Rudolf Arnheim, _The Split and the Structure_ (1996).
Henry Bacon, _Visconti: Explorations of Beauty and Decay_ (1998).
David Bordwell and Noel Carroll, eds, _Post-Theory: Reconstructing Film
    Studies_ (1996).
Chris Brophy, ed., _INFOG97: AConference on the Impact of Recent
    Developments in Digital Technology on Screen Culture Practice_ (1998).
Peter Brunette, _The Films of Michelangelo Antonioni_ (1998).
Haim Callev, _The Stream of Consciousness in the Films of Alain Resnais_
Cartmell, Hunter, Kaye, and Whelehan, eds, _Alien Identities: Exploring
    Differences in Film and Fiction_ (1999).
Michel Chion, _The Voice in Cinema_ (1999).
David B. Clarke, ed., _The Cinematic City_ (1997).
Arthur C. Danto, _Philosophizing Art_ (1999).
Cristina Degli-Esposti, ed., _Postmodernism in the Cinema_ (1998).
Thomas Elsaesser, _Fassbinder's Germany: History Identity Subject_  (1996).
Thomas Elsaesser and Kay Hoffman, eds, _Cinema Futures: Cain, Abel or
    Cable? The Screen Arts in the Digital Age_ (1998).
John Fullerton, ed., _Celebrating 1895: The Centenary of Cinema_ (1998).
Asim Ratan Ghosh and Arup Ratan Ghosh, eds, 'Postmodernism and Cinema',
    _Views Reviews Interviews: A Journal of Cine Society, Mosabani_, vol. 15,
Asim Ratan Ghosh and Arup Ratan Ghosh, eds, 'Cultural Theory and Cinema',
    _Views Reviews Interviews: A Journal of Cine Society, Mosabani_, vol. 16,
Jean-Luc Godard, _Interviews_, edited by David Sterritt (1998).
Susan Hayward, _Luc Besson_ (1998).
Diana Holmes and Robert Ingram, _Francois Truffaut_ (1998).
Jan-Christopher Horak, ed., _Lovers of Cinema: The First American Film
    Avant-Garde 1919-1945_ (1995).
Richard Kearney, _Poetics of Imagining: Modern to Post-modern_, new ed. (1998).
Stuart Klawans, _Film Follies: The CInema Out of Order_ (1999).
Scott MacDonald, _A Critical Cinema 3: Interviews with Independent
    Filmmakers_ (1998).
Martha P. Nochimson, _The Passion of David Lynch: Wild at Heart in
    Hollywood_ (1997).
John Orr, _Contemporary Cinema_ (1998).
Brigitte Rollett, _Coline Serreau_ (1998).
Alison Smith, _Agnes Varda_ (1998).
Stam, Burgoyne, and Flitterman-Lewis, _New Vocabularies in Film Semiotics_
Andrey Tarkovsky, _Sculpting in Time_ (1986).
Carrie Tarr, _Diane Kurys_ (1999).
J. P. Telotte, _A Distant Technology: Science Fiction Film and the Machine
    Age_ (1999).
Maureen Turim, _The Films of Oshima Nagisa_ (1998).
Dennis L. Weeks and Jane Hoogestraat, eds, _Time, Memory, and the Verbal
    Arts: Essays on the Thought of Walter Ong_ (1998). [For a reviewer
interested in the theories of literacy informing ideas about 'visual
Siegried Zielinski, _Audiovisions: Cinema and Television as Entr'actes in
    History_ (1999).

If you would like to review one of these works then please respond as soon
as possible to:

    [log in to unmask]

Do not hit 'reply', or send to this list's address.
A brief statement of interest and experience will aid in the selection process.
Don't forget your postal address.

Length: 2-5,000 words
Deadline: 2 months after receipt of book

-------------------  GENERAL CALL FOR PAPERS  -------------------

Submissions are also invited for papers on any topic concerning the
philosophy of moving images.

Also, reviews of books, films, conferences, and moving image art shows are

Papers should be 2-5,000 words in length, original, and not under
submission elsewhere or previously published.

Electronic text guide: to emphasise words or phrases *quote with
asterisks*; film and book titles should be marked with _underscores_ (_Blue
Velvet_, Deleuze's _Cinema_); instead of tabs, separate paragraphs with a
one line gap; give page references for *all* quotations; use manual not
automatic footnotes.

Send outlines and abstracts to: [log in to unmask]
Do not hit 'reply', or send to this list's address.


_Film-Philosophy_, founded in November 1996, is both an online publication
specialising in book review articles, and an email discussion salon (with
over 500 members from 20 countries). It also has a web resource of
bibliographies, writings and other film-philosophical links (which receives
over 9,000 page requests each month).

Articles are published weekly through the website and email salon.
Contributers include Jeffrey A. Bell, Warren Buckland, Sean Cubitt, Cynthia
Freeland, Harvey Roy Greenberg, Torben Grodal, Samuel Guttenplan,
Jan-Christopher Horak, Douglas Kellner, Hassan Melehy, Andrew Murphie,
Edward O'Neill, Carl Plantinga, Daniel Shaw, David Sullivan, Thomas
Wartenberg, and Nina Zimnik.

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